Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pirate ship fun!

Beckham was blessed with so many new toys at his party that he got a little overstimulated. He didn't know what to play with and was jumping from one thing to another- then got grouchy for no reason; so I thought I'd put about half of them up and take one out at a time and let him really enjoy each gift. This week I broke out the pirate ship tent! He was down at his Grami's when I got it all out together so he was surprised when he got home! It was the cutest thing to see his face light up when he saw this huge ship in the middle of our living room. 

I think Amber liked it as much as he did! She got the bright idea for me to cover it with a blanket so they could use their Mickey Mouse flashlights and read books. It was so cute & Beckham loved it!

I know this is kind of a random post but it was so fun to watch him play in this tent, tump it over, run around, laugh, laugh & laugh! He was so excited & I am so glad I waited to get this one out! 

This fun time got me thinking about how much I need to savor this time with him. Yes, I am stressing over wanting a bigger house. I want to try to get pregnant next Summer & two little ones in this house would be difficult because its so small; but at the same time this house being small keeps our family together. Literally. The living room is the center of the house and you can just about see into every from if you stand directly in the middle. I've joked all along that this is out "cottage" because of the size. But, I truly like it being small. We are sometimes forced to spend time together when it would be easy to go to a separate room if we lived in a bigger house. Don't misunderstand me saying 'forced' I don't mean it like it sounds. I'm just trying to illustrate that the size of our house keeps us close together. 

I pray that when/if we buy a bigger house we can keep that closeness & not let walls come between us both literally and figuratively. I love my family with all my heart and simply hope we keep the same values we currently have. Family comes first. And whether or not we ever buy my idea of our 'forever' house. I guess we'll figure it out one step at a time, together! 

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Classroom Update

Forgive me for the lack of a move it Monday, I have in no way been moving it. However, I am still watching what I eat and hopefully this week I can get some exercise in. We shall see.

Anyways, Monday I did get some major progress done in my room. Here's the last little update on my room. I am about 80% done. I still have a bunch to get laminated and can't do that until the Librarians come back on the 5th. So, that stuff will have to wait. But, I did get everything that I had done, put on the walls. And with the exception of my tables being leveled they are all set up how I want them. So here's an update.

Ok this is the BEFORE!! The teacher prior to me covered the boards in fabric, and while I think it's a pretty good idea, it was wrinkled and falling apart so when I came in October, I just put up a border and didn't mess with it. But, now that I am starting this year I wanted to change them. So I took down that awful fabric and covered them with paper. I liked the green, so I kept one green but changed the other to a bright yellow!! I love them. The Make Up board is where I put papers when students are absent or don't finish something. It's so easy to just tack it up there and whenever they come back they can find their paper, it seemed to work well last year. The No Name board is pretty much self explanatory. After I got home I thought I could split the No Name board and put I Can... where I can change out the weekly standards.

Here's the after!

I finished all of the cabinets! Just a little modpodge, scrapbook paper and paint!

Here's a view of the entire front of the room. I have a few things ordered to put on the front wall that should be here in August but for now it's pretty bare. And as I said above, the tables are not leveled. But, they are U shaped and where I want them.

This big board will have six incentive charts on the right side, but I have to get them laminated. Here are some close ups of everything. I am so in love with my Grammar Dots!

My desk area. I got my cork board and fish painting from Painting with a Twist hung up in my little area.

back of the class. I also have things to add to back wall. excuse the mess on the tables.

And lastly, here's the cutest poster I made at the teacher center for over my door. It was really hard to get a picture because of this fabulous bar that goes directly in front of it but anyways, use your imagination. 

Two weeks until school starts I'll do one more final update when everything is DONE!
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Friday, July 26, 2013

high five for Summer

I started the list here and then updated it here. Summer is still letting its presence be know here in Louisiana, but I actually start back working Thursday after next and only about two weeks total left of summer break before school starts back up in full force. So, I thought it was a good time to update the list. *things we've done since last update...

Summer To Do List:
Go swimming
Go to the park
Eat ice cream
Build a pillow (and blanket) fort
Visit family
Go to Yaya and Grumpy's *
We visited Mom's over the fourth- I talked about it here.
Paint with pudding
Bake cookies
Read LOTS of books *
We are part of a Summer Book exchange- you basically buy one book and end up getting 20+ in return. You follow directions from a printout. I'll explain later, but we've received about 6 so far and it has been so fun to check the mail everyday! Beckham also got some awesome books for his birthday!
Go for walks
Lay in the grass *

Play in sprinklers
Eat sno-cones
Go to the lake *
Mom lives on the lake, so check that one off! But, I'm sure we'll go back before Summer is over.
Take lots of pictures *
Umm, yeah! check, check, and check!

Put those pictures into an album
Play in the mud
Eat s'mores
Build a fire*
Prior to the party we worked really hard cleaning up the yard- including burning some leaves, this wasn't exactly the kind of fire I was planning but it's too dang hot to sit around a fire and eat smores so I'm marking that one off! Much more of a winter activity!
Watch the sunset
Stay up late
Wake up early
Go to a Gymboree class
Go shopping *
See a baseball game
Go fishing
Write with sidewalk chalk
Finger paint
Eat Popsicles *

Take a trip *
Ride in a boat
Have 1 year old pictures made

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

12 month check-up

Tuesday Beckham had his twelve month check-up. I can not even begin to explain how excited/lucky/blessed we are to have not had a single sick visit. He's had a little bit of allergies here and there but nothing that constituted a sick visit. Our pediatrician just praised us for keeping him so healthy. I don't even know what we did really. But, prior to moving into our house it was completely remodeled- new carpet, flooring, sheet rock, paint etc. Pretty much rebuilt around existing walls, so I can't help but think that had something to do with it. As far as going outside, we play outdoors daily. He has eaten numerous bugs, pieces of grass, sticks, dirt, etc. So maybe exposing him to those things has helped his immune system. Don't get me wrong, we aren't feeding him those things, but he's a busy little boy and sometimes it just happens. He's ALL boy! I also know that not having to send him to daycare has A LOT to do with it. He stays with family while Butch and I work and isn't exposed to a ton of kids. He sees cousins and friends all the time, but not on a daily basis. Anyways, I don't know what we are doing to keep him so healthy but we are going to keep doing it. I know he will get sick eventually but the fact that we've made it this long, makes me a happy Mama! My sweet hubby said it was because of my "awesome Mama skills". HA! That made me feel good!

So our well visit went perfectly! Beckham now weighs 22.9 lbs, and is 29 3/4 inches long. He's in the 75th percentile in weight and 50th percentile in height- which is right on target! Our pedi said he's one of her only 12 month olds that has gained weight at this visit. She said usually around 12 months they lose weight because they are so active and developing picky eating habits. But, he gained so that's awesome! He is doing everything that a 12 month old should do and beyond. He's walking, saying two syllable words, eating table food, we have actually been without a bottle for nine days now! He has transitioned to a cup very easily. It doesn't seem to bother him at all. He has six teeth total and she said he's not teething at the moment so who knows when others will pop up. He's even walking backwards! I knew once I started seeing him do it that it had to be a milestone because walking backwards isn't easy- so I asked the nurse and she said Oh yeah! That's a milestone, but not usually until 18 months. Beckham has always been ahead though; he was crawling at six months and walking at nine and a half so I knew he would be reaching other physical milestones earlier than most babies. He's finished with four rounds of vaccines and also had the chicken pox vaccine this visit. As far as food and milk goes, he's supposed to drink around 20 oz of whole milk (we buy organic) and three meals a day consisting of all food groups. But the norm is one teaspoons to one tablespoon of each food group, so he's definitely doing that. I was getting nervous about how much he was eating because the Gerber toddler meals are pretty big and he never eats all of them- or even close actually. He can also have two snacks a day, which we already do. He also had a visit screening and passed, which I was a little nervous about since I am blind as a bat- however, mine didn't show up until sixth grade. So I guess we'll wait and see.

I have to say I felt pretty good leaving this visit, simply because it seemed like we were doing everything right. It was nice to get some conformation on a few questions but overall, we were praised the whole time!

 same fence- how did this happen?

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1st Birthday Party: Part Two

Beckham's Birthday was such a success!! We had so much fun!! I stressed all week that it was going to rain because we truly didn't have a Plan B, but thankfully the weather was GORGEOUS! Hot, yes! But it was perfect!! We didn't get a picture of Butch, Beckham, and I or of all of the decorations, but I gave my niece full range of my big camera and she took about 300 pictures, so here's a photo recap/summary of the day!

We gave Beckham our gifts to him Friday night- I think he loves his Mickey Ride-Along!

the grandmas in front of the jump house

hubby workin hard on the hot dog cart

I had a huge beach ball sprinkler on the other side of the yard for the kids to cool off but I didn't get a pic :( It was on sale at Walmart for $8 and a huge hit!

A few notes:
I made my shirt with transfer paper. Super easy!
All of the print outs, including invite were from My Printable Party.
Beckham's shoes were from here, and shirt from here.
The inside of the cakes were tie dye (red, blue, yellow and green). The inside of the cupcakes were blue.
I didn't get a pic of the Happy Birthday Beckham banner on the fence, the cookies with labels, water bottles with labels, or the goody bags. HA! Sorry guys, just imagine them. It was all super cute!

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

my favorite man

Friday was my hubby's birthday. He had to fly all night Thursday to get home Friday morning, so to say that he was tired would be an understatement. I feel so bad that he has to work like that but the three weeks we have together are so nice. As soon as I get used to him being home, it's time for him to leave again. It's a never ending vicious cycle. I tell him all the time that me and the airport have a love/hate relationship. I love it on Fridays (when he comes home) and hate it on Wednesdays (when he goes back to work). Anyways, Butch turned 35! I absolutely love Birthdays and always try to make an effort to celebrate in some way. He tried to say 'it's just another day, nothing special, blah blah blah' but I wasn't accepting that. I told him Birthdays are special until you stop having them. And that's exactly how I feel. I love a reason to celebrate but especially Birthdays! So, I ordered a cake, balloons, etc. and tried to make him feel special. I know now that we have Beckham, life is really not about us. Everything we do is for him. But, sometimes it's nice to have a day (or even an hour) that's really all about you (or him in this case).

Baby I know you don't read my blog very much but if you happen to run across this post I hope you know how much I love you! We are so thankful for all of the sacrifices you make for us. I can't explain or tell you enough how much you mean to me. You drive me crazy most of the time, but I would rather live crazily than one second without you. I love you and hope you always know you're my favorite man.

I hope you had a great Birthday!
I love you babe!

My mouth was blue from the cake. lol

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