Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dear Beckham

Dear Beckham,
You are already six months old. To say these past six months have flown by would be a complete understatement. I remember this baby like it was yesterday.
You had your six month shots this week and were a little grouchy the next day, but now you're back to the sweet, happy baby that I know and love. You now weigh 16 pounds and 9 ounces and are in the 25% (still a little boy, but very healthy). I was certain you weighed more than that but, the nurse said you're so active it contributes to less weight gain and you'll eventually catch up. You are now eating stage two baby food twice a day, along with our regular routine of bottles every 3-4 hours (except at night, because you sleep anywhere from 8-10 hours straight! yeah, you're awesome!). It is so amazing to watch you learn and grow, sweet boy. I can see the wheels in your mind just turning like crazy every time you smile. You have great vision; you can spot bright colors from completely across the room. You love to watch the ceiling fan spin and the TV. Your favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Baby Einstein, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. We love some Disney Jr!! You also have great hearing. You already recognize your own name as well as certain sounds that spark your attention (you love to listen to the Hotdog Song on Mickey Mouse). I am so lucky to be your Mommy. I honestly don't know where I would be if I didn't have you in my life, little man. You've recently started to really NOT like having your diaper changed. As soon as the diaper comes off you are trying your hardest to flip over. It's crazy annoying. I'm hoping you'll grow out of it soon! You are crawling like a pro, everywhere, already pulling up on things, and trying really hard to sit up by yourself. When you crawl, you try to stand up like you're already wanting to walk or something. You are growing and changing everyday and I hope I never miss a minute of it. I love you with all my heart and I won't ever be able to put into words how special you are to me. I hope the days last longer and the moments pass slow. You're getting so big, so fast! You've already changed so much. I love you, my monkey!! 


Saturday, January 12, 2013

January 2013

So, we all survived December 21st obviously! :)

I'm trying to get caught up with this blog but forgive me for the lack of pictures....thank you Blogger. I'll try to update them if it starts to let me post photos.

Beckham's New Year was so fun! We ate black eyed peas and cabbage of course! He didn't. lol I ate enough for him..haha!

Butch was home for the 1st and we popped fireworks with Uncle B, watched the countdown and just had a chill night.

Back to school this past Monday after a fabulous two week break and hubby left back for Alaska last Wednesday :( I'm sure it will be a quick hitch since Beckham is CRAWLING!! OMG! YES! 8 days shy of turning 6 months old and my brilliant baby boy started crawling! We knew it was coming because he was getting so close. He was seriously doing head stands. Then, one day it just happened. And he has not stopped since. He is officially mobile and into everything! Tonight we were at Grami's house and he crawled up onto her fireplace mantle, and was pulling and letting go of the fireplace broom making it hit the post it was sitting on....all in about 3 seconds of looking away. This kid is crazy! It's like he knows what he's NOT supposed to get into, so naturally, that's all he wants to get into!! Typical. I'm sure. He is actually trying to climb and pull up onto things already too. It won't be long before he figures out how to walk. He is just so determined!

Also today we started stage 2 baby food! He's been loving all of the single fruits and veggies and we've been mixing them a little, as well as adding cereal sometimes. But, today he had chicken noodle and LOVED it! Such a big boy!

Anyways, Beckham's 6 month Dr. visit is next Thursday and I'm eager to see how much he weighs now. I know he's gained at least 3 or 4 lbs. But he's so active he only gained 1 lb from 3-4 months and we didn't have to go at 5 months so I'm anxious to see how much he has grown.

I don't usually do resolutions, but I figured, now that we have Beckham I needed to try to do something (especially lose this weight)!!

My New Year's Resolutions are:
1) No more regular 12 going strong
2) (starting today) Update this blog at least twice a month!
3) Lose the baby weight by Beckham's 1st Birthday

Updated December

December 6th baby Jake Thomas Hobbs made his entry into the world!! A little early (1 month exactly) but otherwise PERFECT!! I can not wait for Beckham to meet him and become BFFs!

Beckham's first Christmas was a complete success.. I wish Blogger would let me upload pics, but for some reason it won't.

Anyways- I got two whole weeks off from work for Christmas break and I got paid! It was great. The best part was it matched up perfectly to Butch's schedule so I was off almost the whole time he was home! I was so glad he could be home for our baby boy's first year things may be different.  :(

So Christmas is crazy for us because we have about 7,000 families. Which is GREAT! But busy! Christmas Eve we went over to Maymay and Daddy Mac's first to do presents and see Jake! It was his first time meeting us all at once. Beckham got The Night Before Christmas book that we are starting as a yearly tradition to read every Christmas Eve. He also got tons of clothes, toys, and a Lifetime Hunting and Fishing License from Uncle Randy! After that, we went over to Grami and Pop's house to do Christmas with them. Beckham also racked up like the spoiled rotten little boy that he is! :) He got a bouncer, a push car, picnic table and slide (for this Summer), as well as about 300 outfits that Grami had ordered. As well as tonsssss of toys! Seriously, Butch and I could have not bough this child anything and he would have still gotten more than most 5 month olds! And we still had 2 families to go to! Butch's big gift was a Polaris Ranger (from the best wife ever) so Christmas Eve night we went out on a little four wheeler ride! It was cold but lots of fun.

Christmas Day we kind of laid low. Grami (Butch's Mom) cooked a big traditional lunch. It was delicious and then Butch went hunting so we just laid around and played with Beckham all day. The next day, we got up early and went to my Grandparent's house on my Dad's side. Had a nice visit and then headed to my Mom's house. She just had surgery so couldn't come see us on Christmas so we took a road trip and stayed the night with her and Grumpy. I got my first little blue box ever! Yes, Tiffany's! :) Happy girl!! Beckham got the cutest little VTech dog that you can program to say his name so it says things like "I love you, Beckham!". It's adorable and he loves it! All in all we had a GREAT Christmas!! So glad Daddy could be home with us this year and hopefully every year to come!


Okay, I have totally failed in the blog department. WOW! I can't believe it has been like 3 months since my last post.....what?

So- here's a recap of November.

Let's just start with my first break from school, Thanksgiving. It was awesome. One whole week off and home with my hubby and baby boy! Butch actually got to be home for Thanksgiving and my Mom came over Thanksgiving day too. We ate...and ate...and ate.... and then ate some more. Beckham was trying soooo hard to crawl. It's so funny, he would get sooo aggravated and just slam his head on the ground.

I HATE that I didn't post anything actually in November, I feel like I'm forgetting everything!! :(

And now I can't figure out how to add a picture..ugh.
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