Friday, June 28, 2013

High Five For Friday

Five things from this week:
1. Beckham is will be one year old in 2 1/2 weeks. WOW! I'm not ready.
2. Two weeks down in the gym- I'll post update Monday!
3. Planning for school to start back up in right at a month. Implementing the new Common Core is somewhat kicking my butt but I'm working on it and still have a month to plan!
4. Going out with my girls tomorrow to see The Heat, cheat on my diet eat, and do a little shopping. :)
5. Prayers... I need prayers. I need to surrender my sorrows and trust in Him.

My Mom wrote this post today and I could not be happier for her. I forgot to tell her Happy Anniversary (sorry Mom) I knew it was in June, it just slipped my mind! I so wish my marriage can evolve into what she has. Her and my Step Dad, Johnnie, also known as Grumpy are so perfect for each other. They enhance each others quirks and were truly made for one another. I am so glad he came into her life. I am so thankful for him; not only for making my Mom happy, but for truly being one of a kind.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Move it Thursday?

One week in and I didn't quite make the Move It Monday post. So here's Move It Thursday! Last week I managed to go to the gym Monday through Friday! I started slow on Monday but by Thursday I was burning over 400 calories a day (I realize that is still pretty slow to some). I did Zumba with some friends on Friday and it was so fun! I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow so I can do it again. I did not do a very good job at recording my times/calories burned last week but I am trying to do better this week. I actually took a before picture last Monday. Yeah, it's bad. I most definitely will NOT be posting it, or my weight for that matter. Also, my goal was to at least go to the gym 3 days a week and lose 10 lbs by Beckham's birthday. I'll admit going 5 last week may have been a little too much I was beyond sore all weekend, then on Monday we went  shopping all day and I didn't feel like going when we got home; and then Tuesday the hubby and I went fishing all day since he had to go back to work yesterday. But, I did make it to the gym yesterday, I am going later today, and Zumba tomorrow! That's 3- I'm happy about it! I am also thinking about doing the Military Diet. I have done it before with pretty good success so I'm contemplating doing it a few times before Beckham's birthday to maybe jump start some weight loss. Plus, since Butch is working, I don't have to cook and can diet a little bit. So there's that. Move it Thursday! HA!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


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First day of Summer

Written 6/22/13
Yesterday was the official first day of Summer so I thought it was time for an update on our To Do List. I talked about some different things I wanted to do with Beckham this Summer in this post so here's what we've been doing. We have gone swimming, a lot; which I knew we would because Grami has a pool. He ate one of those little chocolate dipped ice cream cones and LOVED it. He made a huge mess because he started at the cone, but it was still precious. I bought this little sprinkler mainly because it was Mickey Mouse, and only $8.00 and when I got it, it definitely reflected the price because it is somewhat cheap looking. I guess you get what you pay for, but it's still functional and Beckham liked it okay. He didn't really know what to do with it because it spins pretty fast and shoots water up really high. Anyways, long story short, we played in the sprinklers. We have also had sno-cones quite a few times. Beckham's favorite is green apple, I have no idea why but he loves it. He wasn't crazy about bubblegum, which I thought was weird because most kids love anything bubblegum. My all time favorite sno-cone flavor is wedding cake....I get it from my Mama. Haha! With Daddy being home Beckham and I both tend to stay up a little later than usual. But, last week Beckham was just not ready for bed, one night he stayed up until 11:30. I was like, really, it's time for bed child. It also just so happens that this morning he woke up at 3:00a kind of coughing/choking. It was scary. He had a hard time getting back to sleep but finally went back down around 5:00a. It has been a long day already. We have plans in the works to go see Yaya and Grumpy over the Fourth of July, they live on the lake, and have a boat. So, hopefully we will get a few more things marked off. I have already taken a lot of pictures, but I'm not marking that one off yet, and we've technically already watched a baseball game (on TV) but that's cheating so I'm not marking that one off yet either. I already talked about getting Beckham's 1 year old pictures made and here are some very low resolution proofs.

In hindsight I wish I would have asked the lady that made the cake not to use red around the edges. Naturally, Beckham grabbed the red icing first and it kind of reminds me of a vampire.  But, they are still cute.

Summer To Do List:
Go swimming
Go to the park
Eat ice cream
Build a pillow (and blanket) fort
Visit family
Go to Yaya and Grumpy's
Paint with pudding
Bake cookies
Read LOTS of books 
Go for walks
Lay in the grass
Play in sprinklers
Eat sno-cones
Go to the lake
Take lots of pictures
Put those pictures into an album
Play in the mud
Eat s'mores
Build a fire
Watch the sunset
Stay up late
Wake up early
Go to a Gymboree class
Go shopping
See a baseball game
Go fishing
Write with sidewalk chalk
Finger paint
Eat Popsicles
Take a trip
Ride in a boat
Have 1 year old pictures made

Friday, June 21, 2013

High Five For Friday

Hello Friday! How I love thee, especially since I am officially done with school workshops this Summer! YAY! Here are my top 5 things this week...
1. This actually happened last Friday (June 14th), but Beckham had his first haircut! OMG! He was so good and was such a big boy, and now he really looks like a big boy! :( Seriously, my child is so cute. I have heard horror stories about the 'first haircut' and was dreading it, but he didn't fuss at all. I was so proud. He sat in Butch's lap and did so good!

This is Butch's Aunt Patsy BTW, she did Butch's first haircut and is pretty much the only person that has ever cut his hair. So, I guess we will be continuing the Aunt Patsy tradition.
2. This too happened last week, but Beckham had his 'One Year' pictures! We did some outside with a chalkboard that said different things and some inside with a smash cake. I can't wait to see the proofs. I know they are going to be so cute because Beckham was really loving the smash cake!
3. As I said above, I am officially done with Summer school-work... (HAHAHA! Yeah riiiiiiight!) But, I am finished with workshops. Now the real work begins of transitioning everything to the Common Core. I have some really good plans for the next school year, I just need to organize my thoughts and try not to overwhelm myself too much.
4. Yesterday was the 7 year anniversary of my Mamaw's death. I cannot believe it has already been 7 years. I still feel her all around me and think of her daily. My Mom wrote a beautiful post about her and I really couldn't have said it any better. I was so lucky to have my Mamaw for 15 years and the impact she made of my life translates with every decision I make. I am like her in so many ways and I feel so fortunate to have had such a bond with her. She is exactly the kind of woman, Mother, and Christian I strive to be. I am so grateful to call her my Mamaw and thankful for the time we had together. I look forward to seeing her again one day!
5. I am beyond proud of myself right now. Can I brag a little? I have been to the gym 4 days already this week. I am planning on doing a Zumba class tonight, skipping Saturday, and then starting back on Sunday. So far, I have walked over 10 miles and burned over 1200 calories. I know that may not seem like a lot to some, but I am a complete gym novice and I'm PROUD! 

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Move it Monday

This is my first Move it Monday and I guess it's a little premature because I haven't actually 'moved it' the gym at least. But, I am going today with my best friend, Amber and we are determined to motivate each other. I'm setting realistic goals like going at least 3 times a week, which really isn't that much considering the gym is 24 hrs and about 5 minutes from my house. Also, my main goal is to lose 10 lbs by Beckhams birthday which is about 5 weeks away. My wonderful husband, who knows me way too well speculates that I'll go 2 weeks and quit, so I'm making that part of my motivation as well. I know I'm bad about having all these great intentions and then not following through. But, this is something that has bothered me the past 11 months and it is time I do something about it. I can't let it get any worse than it already is because #1 I plan on having more kids and #2 I am not comfortable this size. I'm just not happy with it. I'm also thinking that by having a Move It Monday blog to look forward to will also be motivation... So, that's that. I'll be weighing every Monday (but not posting, of course! That's just tmi) and blogging about my progress. I am seriously determined. Just gotta stay this way. :) Linking up with Ashley @ Domestic Wannabe

Post "move it": Day 1 in the gym was a success. We walked 2 miles on the treadmill and did 150 of these ab/crunch things with the medicine ball. I"m pretty proud that I finally stepped in the gym. It has been a long time.

First Father's Day

I know I had already posted about the stuff I had gotten Butch for his first Father's Day but here's a follow up of the day. I was beyond excited to give him his gifts. I LOVE giving gifts, especially ones that I made or special know, those one of a kind gifts! With the exception of this (isn't exact gift, they don't have anymore in stock) everything Beckham and I got for Butch were one of  a kind! I had everything wrapped and ready like 3 weeks before Father's Day so it was torture having to wait to give him his stuff, but I did! Sunday morning my Mom came over with donuts, and I let Beckham give Daddy his gifts. We had fried fish, french fries, hush puppies, coleslaw, pineapple cake, and homemade strawberry ice cream for lunch (YUM) and were basically just lazy the rest of the day. Mom made it home safely that evening and Sunday night, while the guys were watching LSU baseball, me, Beckham, and a friend of mine, Paige, watched the Miss USA pageant! Fun stuff. We had a great day but the best part was seeing how touched Butch was looking at his gifts. He even started to tear up. THAT'S why I love giving presents. I want to show everyone I love, just how much care about them. I know, it's not about the material gift but, each of these were personalized and Butch knew it and that meant something to him, which in turn, made my heart very happy!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads who are involved in their children's lives and those who stepped in as father figures.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Life lately

Birthday party planning is in full force! We are scheduled for 1 year pictures this weekend and I am seriously starting to get excited!!!! 
Daddy is home so we are enjoying spending time with him! 
Beckham has a newfound obsession with the lower cabinets in our kitchen so we had to baby proof everything today. It's just a matter of time before he realizes how to open them, but for now he is leaving them alone! 
Today I....
Slept late- Beckham slept until 11... Yeah I have the best baby ever! Well technically he woke up at 7 but then went back to sleep so, yeah, I'll take it!
Cooked brunch and had some of Butch's fabulous homemade plum jelly!
Played outside, in the dirt, no less! We are trying so hard to grow some grass and it's actually coming in pretty good but of course Beckham wants to play in the spots where it's not growing! Go figure! He's definitely all boy!
Had a mani-pedi! It was so nice to get out and relax for a bit by myself! Plus, my nails and toes look very cute & match! :)
Cooked chicken fajitas & yellow rice for supper.
Stayed up late and blogged....ha!

Here's the usual photo dump:

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Organized....or at least my version.

I'm guessing since I am out for the summer I have become a bit stagnant. And by stagnant, I, by no means, mean bored. I do have a ten month old that is currently, walking running, and being a typical boy! Anyways... thanks to Pinterest I was on a mission to organize. We are renters so there's not a whole lot we can do with our space but hopefully that will change very soon! And by the way, I am horrible at this, obviously, because I totally didn't take before pictures but lets just say it looked a lot like this. HAHAHAAAA! But, seriously. It was BAD! We have this awkward corner in our living room that I didn't really know what to do with so I just put a desk there; and when we first moved in right at a year ago, it stayed nice and neat and organized, but we also did not have a child and had just moved in. Once we started to actually live in the space it slowly but surely became more of a dumping ground. What started as a bill/computer center, turned into a 'I don't know where to put this, let's put it here' center. So, I moved the desk to the kitchen, awkward....I know. But it seems to work for us.
So- back to the awkward corner in the living room... I got this cheap little 9 cube shelf thing at Walmart, I think it was around $30, and some canvas baskets that I labeled with these that I bought forever ago because they were cute and never found a need for them, until now! Finished product:

The Easter picture of Beckham is too small but it was free from the photographer and all of this is just temporary! I SO wish I had a before picture because it's a pretty drastic transformation. I quickly fell in love with those cute little chalkboard labels and soon found another reason to use them.... the bathroom! And the organizing continued.

Please keep in mind (as I have also had to convince myself) that all of this is temporary!!!!!! This is by no means our forever house. We are literally busting at the seams, but it's our sweet little cottage and I am trying to enjoy it for however longer we may be here. Hubby says this time he comes home we are going to talk to some builders, so we shall see! :)

I'm pretty proud of my little projects. They'll work for now!

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