Thursday, September 27, 2012


I have so much to be thankful for this week! Well every week actually but this week has been/is AWESOME! Let me explain.....

Monday: Beckham & I had a little shopping trip to the local Wal-Mart and Dollar Store in search of some Fall decorations. I found a few things but I was really looking for some plastic pumpkins to make this. But, I couldn't find any that weren't tiny so I just got a scarecrow instead! :) Anyways, Beckham did great on the trip, fell asleep on the way home and took a 2 hour nap. All in all, a good day!
Tuesday: BIG INTERVIEW! It went greatttt! I just didn't want to get my hopes up so I pretty much just kept to myself!
Wednesday: 9:30am. I GOT THE JOB! WOOHOO! I start October 12th, yes, like in two extremely short weeks. Kind of freaking out but, I know it will all work out. I am so stinkin' excited and ready to get going. I know it is going to be so hard to leave my little boy but it is going to be so great for our family in the long run! Also- Since last Wednesday I've lost 7 lbs! Bye bye baby weight!
Thursday: Beckham ate from a spoon for the first time! He loved it! I mixed applesauce and cereal and he ate every bit! Such a big boy!
Friday (tomorrow): DADDY COMES HOME! Oh my goodness. I'm not real sure about Beckham (being that he can't talk and all-I'm sure he feels the same way) but I am so dang ready for my sweetie to be home! It has been a long, crazy hitch and we are ready for him to be home with us!

playin outside at Grammy's house

talkin' at bedtime 10 weeks old

well, good morning sunshine

love my daddy

Sunday, September 23, 2012

1st Road Trip to YaYa's

I'm just now finding the time to catch up on some blogging. If no one ever reads this it will be totally fine with me. Being able to sit back and reflect on the different things that we ( Butch, Beckham and I) have going on in our lives is so special to me. I love the fact that Beckham or Butch I will be able to look back on this and reminisce of all the different and mostly boring to everyone else (right now-baby's still little!) things that we do.
he really is THE cutest baby ever
Anyways, this past weekend we took our first road trip! Although we live in the country so mostly everything is a 'roadtrip'. We went to visit YaYa (my Mom) and Grumpy (my step Dad). Beckham was a little sick, just allergy stuff, but you could tell he was uncomfortable. Poor baby would try to rub his own eyes, it was so cute! As usual, the car ride totally frightened me but it turned out to be fine. About twenty minutes away from Mom's he started getting a little fussy but not bad. The weekend was spent relaxing, catching up, and fawning over this precious baby. He is loved beyond words. Mom got him a new play mat with mobile and piano that he can kick to make music and he absolutely loves it! We actually ended up taking it home and I'm ordering Mom another one to keep at her house. Beckham doesn't seem to like any 'toys' (swing, bouncer, play mat, boppy etc.) but something about this mat, he just loves it, which I love!

new favorite toy!
With the help of baby doses of Benadryl, saline nose drops, Tylenol and a humidifier, little boy is finally feeling better! He can actually breath through his nose (which is important for sucking a paci, drinking a bottle, and other various baby activities!).

The ride home was a breeze, he slept the whole time. As soon as we got home we went to see everyone at MayMay's watching the Saints game, and then to Grammy's for supper. Had a GREAT weekend and finally, around 7:30 we got home. Bath, cereal and bed by 8:30. Baby and Mama are tired! Goodnight

Friday, September 21, 2012


FINALLY got the call!! I go for my job interview Tuesday 9:00am. I'm soooooooooo excited and nervous, but mainly excited. Can't wait to see how it goes and where this will lead me and my family. It is what it is. Whether I get it or not, it's truly a win-win situation. Make more money or stay home with my baby boy. Either would be great. We shall see. Update soon! :)

Daddy comes home in 7 days! It's been a touch hitch for all of us. Ready to see it end!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Two Month Check Up

Two months Nine weeks and two days old. My baby boy is growing up so fast! September 18th was his two month well visit with our Pediatrician. He got 5, yes f i v e vaccines but took them like a champ! I was a little nervous about the hour drive since he isn't too fond of his car seat but the ride to the Dr. was great. Not sure, but I think he slept the whole way. Prior to the shots, it was so funny, I laid him on the table and the nurses were holding him (about to give him the first set of shots) and he was just smiling and laughing at them. They both looked and me and said "make him stop we feel bad!!". What felt like an hour probably only took about 15 seconds. It was almost, positively worse for me, than it was for him. He cried, but as soon as I picked him up and he caught his breath and calmed down! Such a trooper. And slept the whole way home, that I'm sure of because I could hear him snoring (which he gets from Daddy!).

Oh yeah, how could I forget? Beckham now weighs 11 pounds and 3 ounces! I was shocked! He also grew another inch, equalling 22 inches total! WOW!! My tiny baby started at just 6 lbs, 11 oz, took him home weighing 6 lbs, 3 oz, and in 9 SHORT weeks he has almost doubled in size.

**side note**
Dear Beckham,
Please slow down just a little bit. I understand you have to grow up, but can I please just enjoy this time while you are a soft, sweet, cuddly baby before you turn into a dirty, smelly, bug eating toddler.
Love, Mommy

 waiting at the Dr,
bo bo legs :(

snuggle time with mommy :)

Friday, September 14, 2012

High Five for Friday

Baby boy hit his first 'real' milestone today!! (He's been holding his head up, doing mini push up on is stomach, following objects, recognizing colors & sounds, and standing up in your lap...but this was a big one, to me) As mentioned yesterday, we thought he rolled over, but he didn't, Uncle just flipped him while we weren't looking. He was getting soooo close I knew it had to be coming soon. Well, today was the day!! This morning around 6:00a he woke up; I changed, fed, and put him back to bed...on his stomach! I know, I know...they say don't put your baby on their stomach but I'm sorry it's the only way he will sleep! Anyways, he woke up again at 8:30, I go in to get him and BAM! He's on his back just'a smiling!! Naturally, I start to second guess myself thinking I put him on his back at 6a. But, in the back of my mind I knew I put him on his stomach, I always do.

Then, at Grammy's earlier I was telling her I though he rolled over. So, we put him on a blanket and played and played for like an hour. Nothing. No roll at all. Then Uncle B comes in with some supper. He's walking into the living room while we are fixing our plates and yells "Yall missed it! He just rolled over!" so we take off running into the living room to see, and sure enough, Beckham was on his back! UGH! We were freaking out that we missed it after playing with him trying to get him to roll over for over an hour. Anyways we kept trying to get him to do it with no luck.

So then we head home, do the normal night time stuff, I rock him to sleep and put him in his crib, ON HIS STOMACH! After about twenty minutes I hear him fussing so I go in to check and of course, he rolled over! And I missed it. Again. I'm sure I'll eventually get to see him roll over (maybe not, he is kind of stubborn like his Mama Daddy). I don't want to tell Butch that he is rolling over because I don't want him to feel like he is missing things while he is at work. So, I'm thinking I'll wait a few days until I tell him. I don't know why. Not like it will make things any easier, we still have 14 days until he comes home so I'm sure Beckham will be a pro by then.

Also, today we read books for the first time. We read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? and Guess How Much I Love You. It really seemed like he was paying attention and liked it. He was cooing and laughing so I'm thinking it was a success. I need to get some touch and feel books since many sites like this one say that he is developing his sense of touch and will perfect the art of 'batting' at toys in coming months. But for now, he seemed to LOVE all of the colors in Brown Bear and I think he liked the voices I was making while reading the parts of Big and Little Nutbrown Hare in Guess How Much I Love You.

Thought of the day: Not a good idea to watch Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders while eating a hamburger. But it was delicious! :)

I don't feeeeeel like rolling over.

Our morning ritual. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Just learning how to big deal.

sweet baby
1. being ran over by twins
2. staying up too late
3. counting down the days until Daddy is home (14)
4. trying to diet
5. beckham rolling over!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Today I....

Today I.... (got this idea from here.)
-Actually didn't go to bed until this morning (around 1am) thanks to Pinterest and online shopping for things I don't usual.
-Woke up to Beckham at 4:00a- changed, fed, and back to bed by 5:00a.
-Woke up again at 7:30 to Beckham wide eyed as could be just laughing and playing in the bed.
-Changed him, got a shower, fed him and got him ready to go.
-Went to a friends to pick up some baby food she had for us and give her some formula. We switched from Enfamil Infant to Gentlease about a week ago and she uses Infant. So, we had some to give her since we weren't using it anymore.
-Went by the donut shop for some yummy donut holes. My fav! Totally not helping this whole, lose the baby weight thing. Ugh
-Went to Grammy's to help her watch the twins again. They were really good! We figured out they LOVE Happy Feet so it was a pretty easy day.
-Beckham decided to get fussy towards the end of the day so we called it an early night at Grammy's came home, got a bath, some cereal and rocked for about 20 minutes. We both loved it and he was out by 9:30p! My gosh that boy fights sleep to no end! I just don't get it. I love sleep- why can't he?
Today I also......
:: Thought about how much I miss Butch! I'm so ready for him to be home. Three weeks 23 days is a long time. I'm never 'ready' for him to go back to work, and I miss him the second he walks into the Airport. :(
:: Enjoyed the rain shower that came through around 6:00p. It has been so unbelievably hot, the cold front is much appreciated!
:: Freaked out because I thought Beckham rolled over.... turns out Uncle B flipped him while we weren't looking.
:: Got good news about my possible upcoming job....update soon!
:: Thought about Beckham's 1st Birthday's not like I have 10 months to plan it or anything.:)
:: Missed Daddy more.
:: Smooched and rocked my sweet little boy to bed. My favorite part of the day (Mommy cuddle time!)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The past two days my Mother-in-law and I have watched some friends of ours, twin boys (along with Beckham, of course). But let me just say.... I. AM. EXHAUSTED! I seriously feel like I've been ran over by a Mack truck! Did I mention the boys are 11 months old, and the reason we are watching them is because their Mom just had another baby. A little girl, born 8 weeks early- but Mom and baby are doing great! Anyways the boys are not walking yet but they are still very fast, rough, energetic, hungry, and did I mention rough? Yes! They are absolutely adorable, their smiles are the cutest ever but my gosh I feel for their Mama. Baby girl has to stay in NICU for a month but when she does get to come home- poor Mama is going to have a newborn and two, 1 year olds (getting ready to walk!)....oh. my. gosh. I can't even imagine! One of the only times I had both Beckham and at least one of the boys satisfied at the same time was watching Disney Jr. Case and point......
Anyways, great, fun filled day all around but this Mama is tired! And apparently so was Beckham. He was out like a light at 9:00p. This might just be his first night to sleep longer than 6 hours? ...hmmm...a girl can dream

Monday, September 10, 2012

Setting a Budget

Beckham had his second sleepover with Grammy this past weekend! Hard for me but I know he had fun with Grammy and Uncle B. Girls Night Out was so much fun. This Mama needed a little adult conversation with some great friends!

On another note my new obsession is Bissful and Domestic. She has some great tips on how to save money and live on a budget! Not that my family is struggling by any means. It is actually the complete opposite. My husband makes enough money for me to stay home with my little boy (which is fabulous!). However, he we are not the best savers. I just feel like he makes more than enough money for us to be able to pay off bills faster and have some type of emergency fund. So- my new project is to get us on a monthly budget and work really really hard to pay my car off and start a savings account for both Beckham's college fund and to build a house one day! It's so easy to say "My New Years Resolution is to....blah blah blah!" But, my New Year starts today. I am going to sit down and follow Danielle's plan to save money! Her blog includes how to cut your grocery bill in half, grocery shop once a month, and tons of others! But, just like she says on her blog, it's all about baby steps. For me, creating a budget is the first step. I know my hubby will be shocked to see how much money we HAVE to spend (essentials) versus what we are really spending. If you have any money saving tips like Danielle, be sure to link up!

Oh yeah!! I also ordered this book and as soon as it comes in I'm going to really get started on this new lifestyle!! Baby steps!
America's Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money: Your Guide to Living Better, Spending Less, and Cashing in on Your Dreams

Baby boy is 8 weeks old today! Gosh I can't believe how time has flown by! He was in a particularly good mood after his morning nap so, I naturally took 28363.2 pictures of him! Ha!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Swimming-success! [HF4F]

So it has been about 1000 degrees here all Summer but particularly hot the last few days. The pool was pretty warm last weekend but not enough to let Beckham try it out. I didn't want to traumatize him on his first experience in the water. He likes his bath water unusually hot for his age (seriously, his 1st bath with luke warm water- screamed the whole time!!), so I knew the pool had to be very warm for him to like it. Today was the day to try it out. The past three days have been in the 100's, yes, one. hundred. degrees, folks. HOT! Turns out- he LOVED it! We played for about 45 minutes. He was giggling and smiling and having a great time. His diaper weighed about 20 lbs when we got out, but nevertheless it was great!! Hopefully we will have a few more chances to play before it really starts to get cool and we will have to wait a whole year!

On another note- I got my portfolio all ready to go for my job interview. I just keep telling myself, 'if it's meant to be it will happen!'.

1. My Mom and step Dad came over this past weekend- so fun! Had a great visit! Wish they lived closer!
2. Labor Day was Monday- food, friends and fun!
3. Hubby had to go back to work, but thankful he has a job. We are blessed.
4. Baby boy went swimming for the first time! I am so lucky to be in his life.
5. Girls night out tomorrow! Yay!


Here are some photos of my adorable kid...enjoy! :)
the hat- he did not love. probably because it's 10x too big!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sad day :(

So every three weeks my wonderful husband goes to work in Alaska. It is so hard to watch him walk into the Airport, but even harder now that we have Beckham. I can't even imagine how difficult it is for him to leave us. I'm sad to see him go but, I am still home with friends, family and our child. He is in Alaska alone. His Dad works for the same company but in completely different areas and they seldom see each other. So, he is practically all by himself. He is always silent on the way to the airport and usually calls me as soon as he walks through Security. But, this time was different. It was silent in the car (as usual) but, there was definitely a tense feeling in the air. I rode in the back with Beckham so he could see one of us because he's rear facing- and he gets to stare at the back of a seat for an hour long trip (one way!). Sounds like fun to me, right? And people wonder why kids scream the whole time they're in a car seat, ugh. I don't like the whole rear facing BS- if you couldn't tell.

Anyways, Butch works 3 weeks 23 days in Alaska, and is home for 3 weeks 19 days. We really adjusted to this lifestyle pretty well but, then came along little 'bunkin' (as Butch calls him! haha) and things have definitely changed. I try to reassure him that he is the best Father and Husband for working away like he does. Any guy can sit at home and scratch a broke behind but, for him to leave everything in order to provide [for us] takes a real MAN. And I am SO thankful to have him in my (our) life. He is truly my best friend and the best Daddy in the world! But the days he has to leave are still hard (for all of us).

Change of pace! My girlfriends and I are going out this weekend! Just dinner and a late movie. But, Beckham is staying with Grammy. I have mixed emotions. I'm super excited to have some girl time- we never get to see each other! But, I also feel a bit sad that I won't be waking up to Beckham Sunday morning. Good thing Grammy lives about 100 yards away! :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Decisions Decisions...

Since graduating in May (and being 8 months pregnant), with the wonderful support of Butch we decided that the best decision would be for me to take the year off and stay home with Beckham. I graduated with a Bachelors in Secondary Ed and with school starting in August and my due date the end of July there was no way I could get a job teaching this school year. So- that was that and decision made, right? Wrong!

The most A-MAZING job opportunity has recently come up. It is at a great school about 15 minutes away from where we live. The teachers don't just leave this school, the move or retire! So job opportunities do not come up very often... long story short if I get the job it will mean leaving Beckham while I go to work. Ugh. It's killing me. The job is possibly opening as soon as November..yes less than two months away! Butch has said I don't have to go to work. But, I've never been the type to sit stagnant very long. And not that having a newborn is not keeping me very very busy; but I worked almost every day while I was in college and I want to go back to work. Just not this soon.

It's not like I have the job so I'm completely stressing out over nothing. It is kind of like a win-win situation. If I get the job, great. It's where I've always wanted to teach and where I want to send Beckham to school. If I don't, that's okay too. I can still stay home and soak up every second with my bambino.

So I'm not sure when I'll be going to interview, but I'll update as soon as I know something! :)

How could you not love those fat cheeks!?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

First original?

Okay- so first off I must admit I have been a bit obsessed with a few blogs here lately. Namely: this one, this one, this one and this one!! All of which are Moms (who seem to be great- and I'm sure they totally are!); some stay at home, some working full time and some working from home- who also enjoy some of the same things as me. Food, fun, friends, crafts...etc. Blah blah blah! So, long story short. They have all inspired me to start a blog for not only a way to vent, as a current stay at home Mom, but also to have to look back on as my son is currently growing like a weed! Hench the name of this blog. He is the reason for every decision I make. Becoming a Mother has been such a gift in itself, but knowing that I have this little person to watch grow and protect (as best I can) along the way seriously makes my heart ache. I'm so in love with this little guy it's not even funny! Therefore, everything I do is.... because of Beckham.

I really should have started this about 11 months I will just fill in the blanks from then to now.

November 2011- Found out I was pregnant. Unplanned, yes. Excited, yes. Scared, yes. All of the above.
not sure why the B and H look so light... nevertheless- it reads Beckham..duh!
bedding- Pottery Barn
January 2012- Married the true love of my life. The man I always saw myself growing old with since the day we met. It was actually kind of scary how fast things simply fell into place with us. I would say luck, but I don't believe in luck. It was more like a gift from God during a very hard time in my life. It is funny how things happen. At the time you're thinking things are spiralling out of control, and looking back on it now I can see things were actually falling into place. :)
....9 Months later... after a 'perfect' pregnancy! Seriously, I was so blessed. No heartburn, no morning sickness (ever.), no stretch marks UGH unfortunately, yes (thanks Mom!), and a little swelling at the end of a long day but other than that, perfect. My Dr. praised me every time for being such an easy patient. I'm not really sure what I did, if anything, but I thank God for how easy it went because I have heard some horror stories!
37 weeks
July 16, 2012- Welcome Beckham Dane to the world!! After a planned induction, about 3 sets of 3 pushes each- out pops the greatest thing I've ever done in my life. I made a person (with the help of my husband, of course...hehe)- wow! That's talent, if I do say so myself!
sign from Etsy
Current- At 7 weeks old, he's obviously the smartest baby on the planet, of course! :) Unfortunately, we had to go to formula after a milk production problem, or a lack there of actually. boo. But, he is doing great! No crazy tummy troubles other than the occasional gas, which he gets from his Daddy, gotta be a boy thing because girls just don't do that! :) Smiling, laughing, cooing (melts my heart), and wanting to eat all. the. time. So, I would say he's doing normal baby stuff, but let's face it, he's not normal, he's is mine all mine and absolutely perfect in every way. I'm not biased or anything.

Recap- My hopes in creating this blog is to not only keep family updated on the day to days of Beckham; but, also to vent, share, and savor my sweet memories with this precious angel so that one day, I can look back and reminisce on all the wonderful (and not so) things we did throughout the years. In closing- I'd like to simply savor everything. Life, love, and most importantly family. And it's all because of Beckham.

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