Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Today I...

Today was very busy, although we never technically left our yard/house (other than riding the Ranger all of 100 yards to Grami's house)...

Today, Beckham slept until 10:00 AM; yes, my child is awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in! So, when we got up I fixed eggs and pancakes for breakfast. He eats so good for his age. Right now he has 4 teeth; 2 on top and 2 on bottom, but is trying to cut the two next to his upper incisors. So, according to this he is right on schedule. Back to today- after breakfast he was dying to get outside, literally beating on the glass door. So we played outside. ALL. DAY. LONG. I have a feeling this is going to become a daily occurrence with little man. He loves being outside and I totally do too do not. I should have added play outside to the to do list because we definitely could have marked that one off! Hey! And we ate sherbet today, that's kind of like ice cream...ha!

I can't seem to find a layout on this blog that I like......urghhhh. While trying to decide how I was going to, yet again, change it. I ran across this post. I literally LOL'd when I read that I wrote about losing 7 lbs. (I even said "bye bye baby weight") yeahhh...that's about where my weight loss stopped. It's depressing. I really wanted to be back to pre-baby weight by Beckham's birthday. That was a lie. Deep down inside I was thinking I'd totally bounce back within a few months. Boy, was I wrong. I can't remember exactly what I weighed when I left the hospital, I have a number in mind and if that's correct then I've actually lost 13 lbs since July 20th, which is sad! I've GOT to do something. And by something, I mean something soon. Beckham's birthday is quickly approaching and honestly, at this point, I'd be happy with just being 10 lbs lighter. OK! That's enough of my whining.

Here's a pic from today :)
Please excuse our mess of a backyard! We are currently trying really hard to get the grass to spread. The part Beckham is standing in is growing beautifully, now we need it to spread out.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

First Father's Day

I am so excited to give Butch his first Father's Day presents!!! I got him this fishing lure and this photo book

Click here to create your own Shutterfly photo book.

I just had to share!! June 16th can't come fast enough!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sweet Summertime

Well I am officially out for Summer break! It is somewhat bittersweet to know that I won't have my same classes ever again. I love(d) my students and hate to see them leave (most of them :)) but I guess it's something I'm going to have to get used to because it will in fact, happen every year from now on. But, I'll never forget my 1st class of 8th graders!

Anyways- on to Summer plans.... First and foremost I am planning the ULTIMATE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 1st Birthday party everrrrr for Beckham!! I am so excited!! Here are some other random things I want to do with Beckham this Summer---->

Summer To Do List:
Throw the best first birthday imaginable....duh!
Go swimming
Go to the park
Eat ice cream
Build a pillow (and blanket) fort
Visit family
Go to Yaya and Grumpy's
Paint with pudding
Bake cookies
Read LOTS of books 
Go for walks
Lay in the grass
Play in sprinklers
Eat sno-cones
Go to the lake
Take lots of pictures
Put those pictures into an album
Play in the mud
Eat s'mores
Build a fire
Watch the sunset
Stay up late
Wake up early
Go to a Gymboree class
Go shopping
See a baseball game
Go fishing
Write with sidewalk chalk
Finger paint
Eat Popsicles
Take a trip
Ride in a boat
Have 1 year old pictures made
Last but not least I'd like to make lifelong memories with Beckham this summer and every summer to come from now on. I want to soak up every last second with him because he is growing up so fast!

Seriously, today I put him the pool with his floaty for the first time and he loved long as I was nowhere near him! If I got close to him, like I was trying to help, then he would scream and whine but if I backed away from him he would laugh and splash! It makes me sad. He wants to be grown up already. He's already practically running everywhere he goes and climbing things like I never would have imagined! I mean, how does a 10 month old know to hike there leg up and pull to get on top of things, or how to climb stairs??? My mind is blown on a daily basis by this child.. He is so smart and sweet and almost every time I ask him to give me a kiss, he does! Even if he just got in trouble & is mad at me! It's so cute- big ole sloppy kiss! And I wouldn't have it any other way!

Bring on the photo dump...
Running....see, I told you.
Playing wack a mole
Ready to go!

I have so much planned for this Summer I can't wait. We are missing Daddy but he'll be home in a week and a half...counting down the days!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Blogger fail...

As mentioned in previous posts my computer has some type of virus. I don't really know but I'm seriously slacking in the blogging department so I have spent the past 3 hours getting caught up using my iPad! But, now that I've found the blogger app I'm hoping I'll do better! Anyways....

Today is our last Friday of this school year! Ahhh!!! I just can't believe I've finished my first year of teaching! It's crazy!! Also, we had some great news today- ALL of the 8th graders passed the LEAP! Hallelujah, praise Jesus! I was/am so happy! So, technically the kids have 4 days of school left & I have 5! And I'm going to a PAID workshop in June that's only 4 days total & I get a free retina display iPad, case & keyboard! Yep, great things happening around here!! I am super excited about the next school year but I can't wait to spend this Summer with my sweet baby boy & wonderful husband! I have some fun projects for Beckham and I to do thanks to Pinterest, plus I have already started planning his first Birthday party!

 Yes, in just 57 days (hubby informed me tonight of the count) our baby will be 1 year old. Ugh it makes me so sad to think about him already being a year! My gosh where has the time gone? People really don't lie when they say it flies by. Anyways I plan on thoroughly enjoying the next 57 days while my baby is still less than a year old!

Here's a photo dump of our life lately!
OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT TO MENTION THAT BECKHAM IS WALKING! Yes, at just 9 months old he started walking! It was the craziest thing, he'd take a few steps here and there but the night before Butch came home from Alaska he really started walking, and thank goodness I was face-timing with him so he got to see it all as it was happening! So, yeah it's official, Beckham is seriously trying to to grow up way too fast. I mean come on, crawling at 4 months, walking at 9; he's trying to kill me! 
His first bobo. A big old goose egg because he thinks he's grown & can do grown-up things, like jump off the bed.....yeah, long story.
Eating dirt
Being sweet! (5/17/13 10 mo old)

1st Family Vaca

I had been wanting to do something as a family since the day Beckham was born but it just wasn't the right timing so I somewhat gave up and then, Butch surprised me & planned an entire trip by himself! I was beyond excited!! So, we went to the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler, Texas. It really was perfect because it's only about 2 hours away and we didn't really know how Beckham would do in the car for that long, but he did great!! He literally slept the whole way there & back! We left when I got home from work on Friday and stayed the whole weekend with the only real plan to go to the zoo so our schedule was pretty open. Butch had the hotel and everything already set up, all I did was pack our stuff & get in the car- it was awesome! We didn't get to Tyler unil around 8 on Friday so we just hung out in the room and unpacked everything. I never realized how much equipment it takes with a baby now! We had all of the food supplies, pack n play & not to mention clothes, which naturally, I overpacked! I tried realllllllly hard not to forget anything. So, Saturday we got up and (Beckham didn't sleep very well, btw. He was not feeling the pack n play, even after I brought his big fluffy blanket from home) anyways we went to Panera Bread for lunch. It was so cute- he was sitting up in a high chair like a big boy & was seriously checking out every girl that walked by! He's definitely going to be a ladies man! Butch thought it was hilarious! But, he did so good eating real food at the table & everything! We got to the zoo around 2:00 and had a great time. He didn't really like the stroller at first, but he got used to it pretty fast and did so good! The weather was absolutely perfect. Naturally, I did forget something; the memory card to my camera- ugh! thank God for iphones. We left around 6:00 because he was ready for a nap & couldn't rest with all of the excitement of the zoo. However, when we got back to the room he, of course, didn't want to nap. So, I walked over and got us some frozen yogurt and we just relaxed for a little bit then got cleaned up to go eat supper. Butch saw this seafood place called Breakers, so we went there. It was delicious & Beckham, again did great at supper! We stopped by Target then headed back to the room. Sunday, we didn't really have anything planned so we just played it by ear.... Got some lunch, went shopping at a few stores, then the mall, then headed home. All in all it was a great weekend! I am very lucky and sometimes forget how truly blessed I am!
Feeding the fish & ducks
Gift shop with Daddy
Parking lot of the hotel he needed to stretch his legs & the shorts came off after a diaper change lol
While in Tyler, I happen to notice we were on Beckham Ave (perfect?)

Where did April go?

Seriously, where did the month of April go? I'm going to try to summarize our month...
Beckham had his first Easter pictures with baby lambs!! It was so cute and he actually liked them! They were a little more scared of him than the other way around! Anyways I thought the lambs would be something different and I was so pleased with the pics! He's so stinkin cute with his one little tooth! Mary (with Creative Imaging) even had me get in one shot, which turned out to be my first professional picture with my baby-so it doesn't really matter than I'm so not dressed for pics- oh well! I keep begging Butch to do some family pictures but he's not real into it so, we'll see! 

I was so pleased with Beckham's Easter basket!! I ordered the basket from etsy and fund the other things at various places. His basket has eggs & cute bunnies on each side of his name, that you can't see and was filled with the following: a floaty thing for the pool this summer, LSU bottles, a nuk sippy cup, blue peeps, easter bunny sock monkey, my first easter chick stuffed animal, cotton candy, baseball toy & Noah's ark plastic eggs! I was/am so in love with it! The basket isn't too baby-ish and is multicolored so it'll go with any outfit and he can use it for years to come, at least that's the argument I told myself for paying $55 for it. 
Over Spring break my sweet boy & wonderful hubby played nurse & took care of me while I was recovering from having all 4 wisdom teeth pulled. It was not fun but thank God my Mom came or a few days and helped with Beckham so I literally slept about 48 hours straight!
Grami and Pop got Beckham bunnies for Easter- they don't have names yet. We've considered Pete & Repete or Pootie head & Looski (those are Beckham's crazy nicknames) but nothing has stuck!
You can't really see his Easter outfit but this is the only picture I have on my phone & my laptop decided to die on me. Boo! Easter brought the usual cold snap & horrible weather so, it was cold & rainy all day. But, Beckham really didn't care about hunting eggs anyways, so it turned out fine!

We finished off the month of April by visiting Yaya and Grumpy!! They remodeled their house & it's finally done, or livable lol it looks awesome & will be amazing when it's completed!
Sweet boy napping at Yaya's and eating Swiss cake rolls-which he LOVED btw!

So, our April was pretty awesome. We stayed busy, obviously, because it came & went in the blink of an eye! I am trying HARD to savor these precious moments with Beckham but it is so hard! It seems like he is growing at warp speed & I am missing everything!!!!! Side note- he I'd trying HARD TO WALK, yes at 9 months! Ugh!!! Hell on wheels! I am so lucky to be his Mommy!

Shaving Cream Eggs

I saw this on Pinterest and thought it would be a fun way to dye Easter eggs this year. Plus, my Mom also said it was 'a great sensory activity'. So, we attempted the shaving cream eggs! It was so fun and they actually turned out pretty cute!

You basically just put down a sheet of wax paper, squirt about a palm full of shaving cream (we used the cheap stuff), put a couple of drops of food coloring on top of the shaving cream, swirled it around with a toothpick & then rolled the eggs in the cream. It was realllllllly messy but so fun & Beckham loved it! Well, he actually didn't know what to think about it but I'm pretty sure he was loving it! ;) Grami is in the below pics & I played photographer-as usual!

We let the eggs dry for about 15 minutes and just wiped off the excess with a paper towel. For some reason I forgot to take an after picture but they pretty much looked like the above picture just a little bit lighter. Of course Beckham was covered in red dye for a day or so but it completely came out of his clothes- I was shocked!!

Anyways, we are definitely going to do this again next year! We also dyed some with vinegar and all that but this was a fun alternative to the tradition! Happy Easter!!
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