Monday, April 7, 2014


Okay, so it's a good thing that I didn't have updating the blog on my list of new year resolutions because that's been a total fail. Sorry! Here's a bit of an update.

Life has been crazy good, crazy busy, and down right CRAZY lately!

Butch changed jobs so he is no longer working in Alaska! YAY!! He is home pretty much every night- with the exception of occasionally working out of town. But, it's nothing like 3 weeks 23 days in Alaska! Still working/thinking about our future house plans but nothing concrete has happened.

Beckham is growing like crazy and talking up a storm. You can pretty much have a full on conversation with him now and he's not even two! Speaking of him turning two shortly I am in full on party planning mode. I love it! I'm super excited and sad at the same because he is growing up so fast. I posted a couple baby pics last thursday for #tbt and it made me so sad. I mean, not sad-sad but I just can't believe how much he has grown and will continue to grow in the future. It's just going too fast. I am having a bit of baby fever. BUT- I am not planning on getting pregnant again until we are in a bigger house! We literally have no room for us right now, I can't imagine bringing another baby into this small house. So, back to Beckham. I had planned to post an 18 month dr visit update but when we went to the doctor Beckham has a runny nose and a little cough so he couldn't get his shots or anything, so I didn't make a post. Then we had it rescheduled for 3 weeks later and he still had the same cough. I am convinced it was all allergies because he seemed to just come and go and he didn't act like he felt bad. Who knows? So here we are he's now 20 months and we still have no had 18 month shots. I called the nurse and she said it's fine to wait until after flu season to come in, so that's what we are doing now. Beckham is still obsessed with being outside all day-everyday which does not help his allergies but I've come to terms with the fact that he is ALL BOY and the weather is just starting to warm up so I'm sure we will be outside a lot in the next few months!

What else is new? Umm...we got a little puppy! She was free we adopted from Craigslist. Her name is Bella, she is bad and Beckham loves her! Shes chihuahua mixed breed, but she really is sweet- just not potty trained yet and that's driving me a bit crazy.

Also, I took Beckham to his first carnival a few weeks ago. The town we live in has a little festival every March and they always have a little carnival. Beckham was only tall enough to ride one ride but he absolutely loved it!

On top of being a full time Mom, Wife and Teacher, I am also a student in the Grad School so that should tell you why I haven't posted as much as I wanted to lately. Again, my apologies but the blog is just having to sit on the back burner for a while. I do, however, have an A (I'm expecting to keep an A) in my class and I have already registered for two this summer. Yes, I am insane!  I'd rather just get it done now rather than later.

So, I guess that's all I really have to say. We've just been having fun around here nothing too wild going on. We are just living life one day at a time!

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Friday, January 17, 2014

eighteen month favorites

compare to one year favorites. all images below from google.

written January 16, 2014
I can't believe Beckham is 18 months today. I know I've said it a million times but he is seriously growing up so fast!! I loved my post on his one year favorites and honestly couldn't wait to post one for eighteen months. It's so funny to see how his favorite things have changed...however, one this in particular stayed the same. He is such a smart little toot. I counted all of the words he can say and identify and was well over 100 when I just stopped. If I show him a flashcard on the iPad (or he flips through them himself) after one time hearing the word and seeing the picture, he can say the word and point to it if he sees it in real life. I am just beyond amazed at all that he does on a daily basis. So, anyways enough of me going on and on about how smart, cute, amazing Beckham are his favorites.

iPhone- first of all this is his all time favorite thing in the whole entire world. He loves all phones in general, but he really knows how to work the iPhone so it is his top choice. I can't remember if I mentioned this or not, but over the Christmas holiday he actually put my iPhone in the toilet. Yes, good times. I dried it in rice for two days and although it is technically working, it is definitely not up to par, so I ordered a new one yesterday that should be here tomorrow. Hallelujah because I seriously want to throw it back in the toilet about five times a day.

iPad- this has to be a close second to the iPhone. Since turning 1 year old he has really started to love the iPad. It is so amazing to see him turn it on, go to the game/app he wants and pretty much navigate around all on his own. He recently started loving to see the baby, which is where he goes to the photos and either watches videos of himself or looks at his own picture. It's hilarious! He also gets really pissed if it's about to die and I have to plug it in. He really does not love the cord.

Mickey Mouse car- Butch and I got him this car for his birthday but he never really LOVED it; grated when he first saw it he freaked out but he didn't really have the coordination to ride it at the time. However, in the six months since he has most than mastered the art. Our house is not very big but he will ride that thing from one end to the other, and he goes fast!! And he can get it completely turned around and cut corners to get anywhere he wants to go. The seat also lifts up and he loves to stash away things for us to find later.

Jake and The Neverland Pirates bubble bath- while shopping in WalMart a few months ago he spotted Jake on the side of this bottle and had to have it. I was a little nervous about it simply because it wasn't Johnson's brand. Why? I don't know because he has never had sensitive skin. I did read on the side that it was fragrance free and hypoallergenic, but anyways it didn't break him out at all and he loves it. As soon as I get the water for the bath running he starts yelling "Jake" and "bubbles". He is definitely vocal and quick to tell me exactly what he wants.

Spiderman toothbrush- since he got his first tooth I have tried to get in the habit of brushing his teeth every night and as he's seen Butch and I brush our teeth, he likes to do it himself. He got this toothbrush for Christmas from my grandparents on my Dad's side (it's kind of their thing to give a toothbrush every year). It's not so much the Spiderman toothbrush that he loves, just more of any toothbrush in general. He will, however tell me which tooth brush is mine, which is "Diddy's" and which is "baby's", then he says "teeth" when he wants the toothbrush and "paste" when he needs more toothpaste. Genius.

fuzzy blankets- I bought this super fuzzy white blanket at Target last black Friday (2012) and basically had it laying on the end of our bed forever and then Beckham became obsessed with it. He now loves all blankets and calls them "beans". His favorite blankets are thick fuzzy ones. I was afraid of letting him sleep with it at first because he gets so hot when he sleeps but he insists on sleeping with it and so far it's worked out really good. We have actually noticed that he sleeps better when he has a big blanket. Add that to the fact that when he lays down he says "milk", "night night", and then "bean".

Mickey Mouse couch- Butch and I also bought this for his 1st birthday and he has really loved it all along, I probably should have included it on the 1 year favorites. Anyways, it's still a favorite. He loves to sit on it like a couch and pull it out and lay flat. However, his favorite thing is to sit it up like a couch and run and flip over the back of the couch part and land on his stomach. The first time he did it I think it was more of an accident. He was running away from me while I was trying to tickle him, and he's been obsessed with doing that ever since. It's so funny to see.

Thomas the train- Beckham got a lot of Thomas the train stuff for Christmas but he really loves to push the train cars around the track. He loves trains in general though. He has never been afraid of them, even if we are very close and they are very loud. He just loves them. He says "choo choo" and tries to see it out the window.

football- typical boy... He loves throwing and 'catching' the football. I say 'catching' but really it usually hits him and he runs to pick it up. He is learning to throw it really well and even says "fumble" when he drops it. His Uncle B has also been teaching him to say "ready, set, hut, hut". B usually says the ready, set part and Beckham says hut, hut. It's really cute. He can identify pretty much spot a ball from a mile away, even on TV. If he sees baseball, basketball, or football on TV he says ball and is usually glued to the TV.

So, those have to be some of his top favorite things to play with. He is still (and probably will always be) obsessed with playing outside and riding the four wheeler. We've had a few really pretty days lately and it's impossible to keep him inside. I've heard stories of Butch being like that and I know he has to get it from him because I am what you could call indoorsy... :)

We have our eighteen month check up next week. Hopefully no shots, I can't remember if the nurse said he will have vaccines or not. I'll probably give some Tylenol just to be safe. He's cutting jaw teeth like crazy anyways, so it can't hurt. Speaking of that.....teething sucks! We've never had as much trouble as we have lately. I'm talking fever, upset stomach, won't eat, complete grouch...yeah, we've had some rough teething days. I want to say I'm ready for them to come in, but that's not true. I miss my snuggly tiny baby. He is growing up too fast!!

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Thursday, January 2, 2014


Compare to last year's New Year post.

It is officially 2014 and I can't begin to explain how fast 2013 flew by. My life in general is flying by. Beckham is growing at warp speed and I feel like I am completely out of control. As I read my post from last year I could literally remember sitting down and writing it. I can't believe that was a year ago. Wow. I am usually quite eager for the new year, I like the idea of a new beginning; and the motivation of being able to start over with whatever goals you may or may not set. As I read my resolutions from last year I couldn't help but laugh because they are pretty much the same this year.

Last year:
1) No more regular Coke
2) Update this blog at least twice a month!
3) Lose the baby weight by Beckham's 1st Birthday

I am completely over the whole don't drink Coca Cola thing... I'm sorry but maybe I get it from my Mamaw but I love regular Coke (boy coke is what I called it when I was little). I don't want to give it up completely. And when I tell myself I am 'quitting' something, it just makes me want it more. I have no will power. So, this year I am just going to say that I want to drink more water! Updating the blog- I'd say I have done a pretty fair job! I am keeping that goal in my mind because I truly love to look back at older posts to see things that Beckham was doing or what was on my mind at the time. And lastly.......lose the baby weigh. Well, that hasn't happened completely. I am down two pants sizes and about 17 pounds since I was about 6 weeks post partum. I lost 19 lbs the day I had him; so I'd say I still need to lose about 20 pounds which doesn't seem completely out of reach. I have joined Weight Watchers....yes I was suckered in by the Jessica Simpson ads....don't judge me. But, I am doing pretty good so far. I love the indulgence points because I don't feel like I am on a "diet". And I guess I am kind of not- it just teaches you how to eat, more or less. I am learning a lot of about what types of foods are best to eat and portion size (which is my biggie). So, I am not calling it a diet and I am not thinking about it like I am on a diet. If I want to eat a Reese's peanut butter cup, I will! I just won't eat ten like I really want.

1) Lose 15-20 pounds (by Beckham's Birthday)--that's 6.5 months away...completely doable.
2) Drink more water!

As I said, 2013 flew by at the speed of sound. I mean I literally blinked and it was gone. All of the holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas....all of that just crept up and them flew by. I am usually all about a new year, a new beginning, a fresh start, all of that. However, this year I don't know if maybe I was just unprepared for the new year or what because I am really just wanting time to slow down. Beckham and I were laying on the couch tonight watching videos on my iPad of him when he was a little baby, just barely walking, barely talking (more babble than anything), Beckham loves to look at babies (any baby in general, but I mostly just have pictures and videos of him on my phone and iPad), he was completely memorized watching this little baby just crawl and walk around. Whether or not he knew it was himself, I don't know, but as we were watching I couldn't help but feel a little bit sad. He is sooo not a baby anymore. I mean he is my baby and will always be, but he does things so much sooner than most babies his age. He was crawling a 6 months, walking at 9.5, and now at almost 18 months he can pretty much tell you anything he wants, or at least he will point you in the right direction, he identifies all kinds of things, and he follows commands. I know everyone says this but he is so incredibly smart for his age; and while I am completely proud of all that he can do, it also makes me sad because I feel like I am not getting as much time with him as other Moms get with their babies. He is so mobile and fluent and I just wish he would slow down just a little bit so I can catch up- or at least prepare myself a little better. Anyways, I know that he is not slowing down anytime soon. If anything, things will be happening even faster in 2014. I swear when it's time to potty train (which will probably be soon because he already tells me when he's done his business) I will probably cry. I just want him to be my little baby forever, which is completely selfish. I want him to grow into a handsome young man but I need to figure out a way to be able to absorb every single thing that he does so that I never ever forget them. :)

Our New Year's Eve was pretty low key. We watched the LSU game and had the traditional cabbage and black eyed peas. Beckham had a little bit of both- neither of which he really liked but he has been cutting jaw teeth lately so he hasn't been eating all that well the past couple of days. We popped some fireworks at Grami and Pop's house and he actually liked them pretty well. He would say "oohhhh and ahhhhhh" mocking me. I was trying to show him they wouldn't hurt him or anything because he was a little freaked at first because they were so loud. So, we hung out by the bonfire with Grami while Pop and Daddy put on a firework show for us.

Then, that night was crazy. Beckham fell asleep around 9:00pm; then woke up at 10:30 sick to his stomach. As I said, he had been teething and was running a low grade fever, so I'm thinking the milk didn't sit well with him because puked three times. And then he was ready to party. For real. Like, I'm guessing he was fired up from watching the neighbors firework show but he wouldn not go to sleep after that. Maybe he was just feeling better after getting all of that off of his stomach, but he stayed awake until after 2:00am. He was just running all over the house playing with toys, watching TV, messing with name it. Around 1:00am I finally turned the TV off hoping he would realize that it was time to go to bed. Needless to say, I looked at my phone at 2:17am and he was still wide awake. Some time after that he fell asleep, on me, on the couch because I woke up at 7:00 and put him in the bed and got in bed. Naturally, he was up at 9:00am, so our New Year's Day was not that great. We were both pretty sluggish. But, last night and today was much better. I was thinking to myself....ok this is not a good way to start the New Year. I was thinking he was trying to turn into a sleep-hating baby, which he has never been....ever.

wonderful iPhone quality 
 I could tell he was so sleepy but fighting it for some reason!

So, there's that! 2014 has already gotten off to a crazy start. I am excited to see what this year holds. I know my life will continue to speed by if I'm not careful, I am just hoping I can keep up.

Happy New Year!
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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

I'm back dating this because yes it is January 2nd and I am just now getting around to posting about Christmas.

So, Christmas this year was so much fun! I know every year will continue to get better and better with Beckham. I have a lot of family so the holidays are always a crazy but fun time of year. Christmas Eve was crazy because Butch was supposed to be home at 11:00. He ended up getting a little delayed and wasn't supposed to be in until 4:00, and then around 2:45 Beckham and I were getting ready to leave a little early because I needed to run by Brookshire's and possibly get the car washed before we picked up Daddy. I was literally pulling out of the driveway and Butch calls me, freaking out saying he is already in Shreveport. It turned out he had his time zones a little off and he was in Shreveport at 3:00 instead of 4:00. We were already on the road so he had to sit and wait for us for a little bit. Then, Christmas Eve evening we went over to Maymay and Daddy Mac to do a super fast Christmas because we had to be at Butch's parents at 6:00. We didn't end up getting there until 6:30 and guess what? I got zero pictures at Maymay's....ugh

Anyways we opened presents and did a light supper at Grami & Pop's Christmas Eve night. Beckham was somewhat over the whole 'opening presents thing' he loved the presents once they were out of the box and working but he didn't care much to open the actual presents. Then, Christmas Eve night Santa came and I was so excited for Beckham to wake up and see all of his presents! He ended up sleeping until 9:30! Whoop whoop! When he woke up he walked into the living room kind of in shock. All of his new toys covered most of our living room and it was like he didn't know what to play with first. It was so hilarious!! We stayed home and played with all of his new toys for a few hours, then we got ready to go to Grami's house for a traditional Christmas lunch. Everything was so delicious and we were all in food comas afterwards. Beckham ended up taking about a 2.5 hour nap. Then, when he woke up Beckham and I went over to my Dad's parents house to do Christmas with them. We just opened presents and visited for a few hours. Butch wasn't feeling good so he stayed home.

Then, the morning of the 26th Beckham and I headed over to my Mom and step Dad's house in Homer. We had Christmas with them and opened presents and all of that fun stuff and then around 11:00 we all headed over to my Uncle Jon's house in Monroe. We had what we called 'Gimber Christmas' which was all of my Mom's side of the family. (Her Dad, Aunt and her kids, her brothers, their wives and kids...etc) It was so good to see everyone. The last time I saw most of them was at my Uncles funeral a few months ago and we said then that we were sick of only seeing each other when someone died. So, I hope we keep the tradition alive of seeing each other more. My Mamaw was truly the glue to our family. She held everyone together and made sure we saw each other often. It is at her house in Arcadia that I have some of the fondest childhood memories, especially around the holidays. Mamaw never hesitated from hosting huge get togethers at her house. I can still remember 2 or 3 huge pans of dressing, rows and rows of pies & cakes, and Mamaw always made a huge fruit salad which was her favorite. There would be ham, turkey, every side dish imaginable and her house would always be full of people. I cherish those memories when our family was much closer and I hope that one day we can be that close again, especially now that I have Beckham I want him to know all of his family and be close with cousins like I used to be. Hopefully, one day I will also have a house that I can host big gathering in like my Mamaw did. Okay, anyways I kind of got off subject but back to Christmas. We ate and ate and then ate some more at Jon's and all of the kids (and some adults) played outside most of the day. It was a great day- I wish Butch would have been able to enjoy it with us.

 Christmas Eve

 Christmas morning

Compare to last year.

Merry Christmas!

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

I passed..........

First I have to say I passed the GRE yesterday and am OFFICIALLY a graduate student...whoop whoop!! I am registered for my first class and just purchased the required book! After the test I was thinking, "I'm glad that's over", but honestly it is just the beginning. But, I am excited, motivated and ready to get it going. However, I plan to thoroughly enjoy the next two weeks off from work before work and then graduate school starts. I brought home four books that I hope to read before I start grad school. Three of which are Harry Potter- don't judge me. I am amazed that I haven't read the Harry Potter series yet, granted the whole magic/wizardry theme is not really up my alley, but I have recently become more into sci fi so I'm thinking I will like them. I bought the entire set for me my classroom at my school's book fair this year.  A friend of mine is currently obsessed, so I've got to at least see what all of the fuss is about.

Anyways, we've been having a ball around here lately. I finally got all of Butch's Christmas ready for him to come home. I am so excited about it I could scream!! I can't wait for Christmas Eve, he will be home and I can finally give him all of the goodies I have been stressing over lately. I'll share everything later but just in case he's reading this- I can't give it away!!

I am planning on getting some stuff to make Christmas candy/cookies tomorrow or Monday. I will post on how all of that goes later; because, with my little helper, there is honestly no telling.

Cue photos:

early Christmas from family in Baton Rouge

I told him if he sat there and smiled then I'd give him my keys, promise kept.

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

December happenings

December has been so much fun so far! Here's a bunch of random things we've been doing. Beckham had late fall/Christmas pictures that turned out so stinkin cute! I've got a picture of a picture of our Christmas card, I'll have to scan some others to post here. I absolutely love them!! He is such a little baby model. Our tree is decorated, we have the cutest Santa Mickey in the front yard (didn't get any actual lights on our house this year since Butch had to leave for work). I have some cute Christmas decor around the house and back porch; I had a poinsettia for about 4 days but somehow I managed to kill it. I swear I can not keep any kind of plant alive-it drives me insane! I have been wrapping presents like crazy and our tree is seriously overflowing and I'm not even done yet! I mean, I'm about 90% done but not completely. We are having Santa pictures taken tomorrow, which I'm hoping goes well. He's around so many men with beards it should be fine. We will see. We attempted to see the Christmas train a last weekend but he was a little sick (just snotty with a cough) and when we got there the line was around the parking lot so we knew it would be a while before we got on the train so we decided to skip it this year and try next year. :( Beckham's friend, Jake turned one on the 6th so we went to his Saints theme Birthday party. Beckham was so cute and sweet to the other kids. He shared so well and we had a great time. Unfortunately, we had to take Butch to the airport that same day because he had to go back to work. But, he will be home in time for Christmas....or that's the plan! Hopefully there isn't any delays or bad weather!

Here's a photo dump.

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thankful part four

It has been a hot minute since I posted here so I thought it was more than due time. The past couple of weeks have been so much fun around here! First, the hubs was home for Thanksgiving (he wasn't last year), I was out of school for a WHOLE week, my Mom and step-Dad, Johnnie came over for Thanksgiving and Mom stayed the weekend, andddd I did some major Black Friday shopping. Fun stuff for sure!

Thanksgiving was filled with food, family, and football of course. I ate more than my fair share but that's nothing new. Beckham napped right after we ate so we didn't get a family pic but I did get a few good ones.

So, my Mom made the comment -something to the effect of- that there's nothing like being thankful for what you have on Thanksgiving, only to leave at 4:00 to start shopping for more things.... and if I'm being honest that is SO not what Thanksgiving should be about. Stores are slowly but surely opening earlier and staying open later. Did I save a ton Thursday night/Friday morning? Yes. But, in general am I spending less money because I hit the deals on Black Friday? No! I've got my budget in my head and that's what I spend. Period. I just love shopping and especially buying presents for people. Don't get me wrong I bought myself a few things too that I totally didn't need but, I got 90% of my shopping done in one day! Plus- when I'm able to get good sales I can buy more for my friends and family and still spend the same amount. At least that's how I look at it so just leave me alone! :) The bottom line is while I am still (and probably will always be) trying to find contentment with my life, I just really love to shop and any reason I can go shopping then I am ready to roll!

While it is really cold here in Louisiana right now like, ice storm/freezing rain cold.Yeah. I'm not loving it but I really do love this time of year. Saturday after Thanksgiving Butch put the Christmas tree up and then headed out to go hunting, Mom was packing up to leave and Beckham laid down for a nap, so I decorated the Christmas tree. I did it while Beckham was asleep because he is so super busy right now I was dreading him tearing the tree a part, so I thought if I did it while he was asleep he wouldn't see me 'touching' the tree so maybe he wouldn't either. Long story short our Christmas tree is up as well as most of the decorations. Grami ended up letting Beckham put some ornaments on her tree so I got an Elmo and Mickey ornament and let him put them on our tree and he has done so well with it. He literally has no messed with one thing. He points to different ornaments and says what they are but he's not terrorizing like I thought he would! And I don't mean to make it sound like he's a terror, because he is not at all. He is just so smart and mobile; I honestly didn't know how he would react to a giant tree in our living room. He hasn't even messed with any presents! Proud Mama moment.

Anyways, I kind of got off subject there with the Christmas happenings. Today I took Butch back to the airport. But I am so excited he will be home for Christmas! He literally comes home on Christmas Eve so I am praying that he has safe travels home with no flight delays. Today was a mess because his flight was delayed three hours so we were literally just sitting in the car waiting, he was starting to worry because he would miss his next flight so he'd probably have to sleep in the airport and the stress was just building; and then he got an email that the cancelled the flight before him so his flight was moved up an hour and half so he had about thirty minutes until he could board. Which meant he would make his next flight and be back to work on time.  Hopefully that was a sign that he will have a smoother time getting home on Christmas Eve. I sure hope so.

So, as the last post in my Thankful series I truly just want to acknowledge this time of my life. I read somewhere something about if you spend time thinking about what is going to happen next you miss what is happening right now. It really hit me hard that while I do have this 'to do list' in my head I need to just stop and savor this moment that I am in. I have a wonderful relationship with my husband, I have the most precious son in the whole entire world, the best family and friends anyone could ask for, a roof over my head, food on the table, and more blessings than I deserve. I am sincerely grateful, thankful, and appreciative of all that I have, even when I forget to acknowledge all of my blessings.

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