Monday, July 14, 2014

two year favorites

All images from google. Compare to 1 year and 18 month favs. Some things have stayed the same and I didn't include in this post. The 'bean' as Beckham says, or his blanket is possibly his night time necessity. He says, "Mama, fix bean." Which basically means he wants me to come tuck him in. I love it. I think the bean will be around for a while, so I didn't find it necessary to include it again-just making a brief mention. Also, he still loves his Jake soap. We have also bought Ninja Turtle soap (which is bright blue) I seriously thought it was going to dye his hair blue, thankfully it didn't! Anyway, here are some of his 2 year favorites.

Bubble Lawn Mower- The bubbles have long ran out, but he didn't particularly care for them anyways. He does LOVE bubbles. That's kind of his and Monica's (aka Munka) thing. Just about every Monday or Tuesday she comes over and brings bubbles. Back to the lawn mower, Grami keeps her lawn in tip top shape so he really loves to mow with her. Uncle B got him this mower last year for his birthday and he didn't really care anything about it until this summer, but now he loves it. He will say, "be right back, going to mow grass".

Thomas the Train Ride-Along- Similarly to the Mickey Ride-Along I mentioned in another favorites post, this is basically the same thing except it's Thomas the Train (duh!). He has grown fond of Thomas the Train recently. I He has an app on the ipad that lets you color Thomas pictures, play a matching game, and watch videos, so he wanted to bring Thomas in from outside and ride it in the house.

the Baseball and LSU hat- Okay, these go together because we have a nightly ritual around here where Butch is trying to train Beckham for MLB plays baseball with Beckham after his bath. Every night Beckham tells Butch to sit on one couch, me on the other (to watch, of course), then he needs his LSU hat- Butch also has to wear an LSU hat; he backs up to the front door and throws the baseball a minimum of ten times. Sometimes he's tired and doesn't want to do it as much, but some nights he'd throw it for hours. He's actually getting really good. We haven't mastered the whole catching thing but he throws the ball really hard. Butch just beams everytime he does it. It's so cute! I need to mention that he also throws the ball with both his left and right hand.

Black and Decker tool set- I'm the worst a buying and giving presents right before birthdays. So, naturally I bought this little tool kit about a month ago, and immediately gave it to Beckham. I should have waited, I know, but it was so cute and the tool look like real tools, which is why I think he likes them. Either way he has hammered every nail in our porch, tries his hardest to unscrew anything possible and carries around his tool box like he's a real handy man.

Beckham's Clubhouse- I couldn't find an exact picture of the Rainbow Play System that we bought, but this one is close enough. It has a rock wall, slide, three swings, clubhouse equipped with captains wheel and telescope, and under the clubhouse can be turned into a sandbox. After Beckham slid down the slide really fast a few times and hit his booty, he is a bit afraid of sliding by himself. Some days he'll climb right up and go, but other times he likes for someone to hold his hand or at least stand really close to the slide so they can slow him down.  He rarely uses the ladder now, he just climbs the rock wall. He has mastered the rock wall completely- doesn't use the rope at all. It was quite expensive, but I knew he would love it for years to come (and he does) so I'm happy with the purchase.

Mickey Mouse- Beckham has a mad obsession with Mickey Mouse, truly always has, but even more now than ever. After setting up the TV and DVD player in is room I bought a few movies for him to watch and the only thing he wants to watch is Mickey. Literally, the only movie that he has ever watched in his room in almost a month is Mickey. I have to find more Mickey movies because he is showing zero interest in any of the other movies I bought. Also, if I would have know how his love for Mickey would grow I would definitely had waited and done the Mickey party this year. However, I am still putting out the big Mickey wooden cutout by the driveway just because...

iPad and iPhone- This will probably never change throughout the course of Beckham's life, but he still is completely obsessed with electronics. I was sick of him constantly wanting to play with my phone I got to thinking about my old phone that he dropped in the toilet; I was wondering if it had dried out and possibly still worked. So, I plugged it in and sure enough- it works! So, Beckham now has his own iPhone. The screen comes on and all of the apps work, thankfully he can't actually text or call anyone (because that's his new favorite thing to do on my phone). He still loves the iPad and plays it almost every day. One of his favorite things to do on both the phone and the iPad is listen to music. He knows how to get to the radio and says "play me a good song" and starts dancing. I know I say it a lot, but he is seriously the smartest kid ever.

Anyways, those are just a few of his favorite things right now. He realllllly loves all things outside. I swear the child would sleep outside if we let him. The mosquitos are terribly bad right now, but he doesn't even pay any attention to them. He loves to do anything and everything outside. I'm what you would call, indoorsy....and it's approximately 1000 degrees right now, thankfully Butch could live outside too; so it's nice that they can hang out together outside (when I don't want to sweat my face off).  :)

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