Friday, July 11, 2014

high five for Friday!

1. Saturday we headed to Yaya and Grump's house to celebrate Mom's birthday a week early and catch up after their Alaskan vacation. We had a great time. We road in the boat, swam in the lake, all that fun summer stuff. It was a great time. I shockingly didn't get that many pictures- I guess we were having too much fun.

2. This week started off very crazy. While at my Mom's over the weekend, I got a call Sunday that my Dad had to have emergency surgery. My Dad rarely gets sick so I was a bit nervous. Beckham and I ended up leaving a little earlier than planned on Sunday so I could be at the hospital when Dad got out of recovery. Everything went as smoothly as possible but he was in a lot of pain. I ended up staying the night at the hospital Monday and came home Tuesday after lunch. To say I got little sleep is an understatement but I was happy I could be there for him. He even said, "boy I would have been in a bind if you hadn't stayed." That's his was of saying thank you. :)

3. OMG! I got Beckham's 2 year pictures back! I'm only going to share a few (or four) because I have two other posts in mind before his birthday so I'll be posting more later. I absolutely LOVE them!! I literally printed 107 total (5x7s and 4x6s) and got a 16x20! Ah! I'm obsessed!! I have never really been completely happy with any of his other pictures, but I am beyond pleased with them. Shout out to Sarah Farmer Photography.

4. I am in full on birthday planning mode. Cakes are ordered, decorations are being made, goodie bags, ordered tables, chairs, other random's all coming into place. We are going this weekend to get food and a few things we've still got left to get on the list. I am sooo excited and utterly shocked that my baby boy is about to be two years old. It's sad and exciting. But, mostly sad! I just want him to stay little, but I am truly enjoying watching him grow and learn everyday. I could go on and on, but again...another post. :)

5. Lastly, today actually Thursday-  Beckham got an early birthday present from Maymay and Daddy Mac since they will be cruising on his actual birthday. They literally walked over a trampoline. It was amusing and scary seeing them cross the road, but they made it and boy, was Beckham excited to see it. He had jumped on a similar trampoline at a friend's house, which gave them the idea, but he loves it. He immediately wanted to get in the "jumpaline" as he calls it. It was so cute and wore him out, which always helps since he is a ball of energy 24/7.

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