Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dear Beckham

Dear Beckham,
First of all, happy birthday. Two years ago today I laid eyes on the most precious gift from God. I honestly can't believe you are already two years old. Where has the time gone? You amaze me every single day. You can throw a fit like no other, but you are truly the sweetest, gentlest, smartest little boy in the entire world. You still want to be a big boy so badly, but I am still enjoying you be a little boy for right now. I love when you say, you're Mama's baby because you really are and always will be. It is easy to have a conversation with you- you can tell us everything you want, how and when you want it. You still love your blanket (bean) and have to drink cocoa (chocolate) milk every night to go to bed. Honestly, you would drink cocoa milk all day everyday. We tried to get you potty trained by two years old, but you just weren't interested. You are sometimes a little too smart. I often ask if you want to try to teetee in the potty and you simply say, "no". Hopefully before school starts you will want to use the potty.

You really love to play baseball with Daddy at night, but you both had to wear your LSU hats together. You can run, jump, and climb on anything. You even get stuck quite often trying to climb up the bathroom cabinets. You still love to take baths-thank goodness. You never want to get out. You love drawing on the bathtub with the markers and crayons. You also still love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, you watch the same movie every single night to fall asleep. Actually, the movie pretty much plays all day long whether you're in there watching or not. You are a night owl for sure (you get it honestly) it's 1:00am as I'm typing this. We really need to get on a better schedule before school starts and I have to go back to work. Speaking of work, it's going to be really hard to leave you. With the exception of a couple of days, we have pretty much spent every waking moment with each other this Summer. You are definitely a Mama's boy (which I love) but you are increasingly becoming more stuck on Daddy too. One of your favorite phrases to say is "where did (anyone) go?" If I'm not in your eyesight, you ask "where Mama go?" and the same for Daddy. I think your favorite place to go is Walmart. You always get a prize and are a really good shopping buddy. You've finally grasped the concept that we have to pay for things before we open them, which means we can't open anything in the store. It took some time to learn, but you've got it now. You have exceptional memory. You will start talking about things that happened weeks ago. For example, Donna came over one day and you were amazed by her blue toenail polish. Then, about a week later in the bathtub you were rubbing blue crayon on your toes and I asked what you were doing and you said "paint toes blue like Don". Genius.

I could go on and on and on for days about all of the amazing things you do. You are so special and one of a kind. I am truly thankful, grateful, blessed, and all of the above to be your Mom. I don't think you'll ever quite understand what joy you have brought to my life. I know people say this all the time, but I truly can not imagine my life without you. It's like I wasn't fully living or loving until I laid eyes on you. I hope you always know how much I love you, little boy. You truly are my sunshine and as I write this tears well up in my eyes because I want to be the best Mommy possible. When you're older I want you to be proud to have me as a Mommy because I am so proud to have you as my son. I love you, sweet boy, to the moon and back.

Compare to six month and one year letter to Beckham.
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  1. I am a bad Yaya because I haven't written the birthday blog yet. I am in Lafayette reading this instead of paying attention. I LOVE YOU BOTH SO VERY MUCH!!! Thank you God for picking me to be the Yaya of this sweet little angel!!!


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