Friday, July 4, 2014

high five for Friday!

Happy Fourth of July!!
Three in a row...I'm on fire! :) OMG It's July!! Where has the time gone? The Summer? Wow! Only two weeks left until Beckham's birthday...geez I'm not ready! This week was pretty uneventful. We had a pretty laid back week, which was nice. So here goes my recap.

1. Last Friday was my best friend's Gender Reveal Party. I 100% thought it was a boy. I was so confident- never for a second did I think it could possibly be a girl, but boy oh boy (no pun intended) was I wrong! It's a GIRL!!! I was shocked at first, in actual disbelief...but now I'm super excited!! Her name is Keely Kate (which I love for obvious reasons). Of course she'll be Beckham's little girl friend. Ahh I can't wait!

2. Saturday night was a rare occasion where I got to have a Girl's Night! I hadn't been out with my girl friends since Amber's birthday in January...yeah, way too long! Anyways we had a fun night out of the house and did a lot of little shopping for Keely. It really made me excited about her arrival in December. Girl stuff is so cute!

3. Random picture of Beckham throwing pears for the deer to eat behind Grami's house. He is definitely an outside boy!

4. Yesterday we had a play date with Kevin, Erin, and Jake. Beckham and Jake are only seven months apart and it is so fun to see them play together. Jake is just starting to talk and it's so cute how he says "Beck Um". We basically just ate, visited, and watched the kids play. I'm telling you...pretty uneventful week.

5. Our Fourth of July festivities included swimming, grilling, and eating red, white & blue popsicles. Ha! Butch grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, pork chops, and sausage and sauteed onions and squash. I made a peach cobbler with some fresh peaches. It was all delicious! Beckham actually ate two whole hot dogs and two popsicles. He didn't nap at all today and passed out around 10:00pm-which is really early considering how late he's been staying up.

Tomorrow morning we are headed to my Mom's to celebrate her birthday a little early. We also haven't seen them since there trip to Alaska, so I'm excited to hear about there travels and Beckham misses his Yaya!

That's all for this week... :)
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