Monday, July 28, 2014

Beckham's 2nd Birthday [part 1]

Beckham's actual birthday (16th) fell on a Wednesday this year so we had planned a small get together with Butch's parents and brothers. (My Dad was recovering from surgery and my Mom was already coming over the next day.) As soon as Beckham woke up I had a box full of different decorations to hang all over the kitchen. He really loved it and liked watching me climb and stand in the chairs (great things I'm teaching him, I'm sure).

Anyways, I made roast, carrots, potatoes, garlic bread, and I baked Beckham's first and actually only-since we had cupcakes at his big party 2nd Birthday cake. I made funfetti cake with whipped cream cheese icing. Roast is also one of the only meats Beckham really likes consistently. Even though there was a lot going on, with four additional people in this small house- we were in tight quarters, Beckham still ate really well and was so excited to blow out his candle. Weeks prior to his birthday, if anyone asked what he wanted for his bday he would say a candle. ha! It's the little things. He has a slight obsession with blowing out all types of candles. So, we ate, sang, and let him blow out his candle and after he blew it out he said, "do it again." So, we let him blow it out a few more times. Grami and Pop brought some presents for him to open, and naturally I got zero pictures. Yep. This is my life. So, here are the few, poor quality, iphone pics that I actually got on his real birthday.

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