Tuesday, July 9, 2013

too blessed to be stressed

That title really says it all. As I reflect on things that have been happening around here lately, it's easy to dwell on a few things that haven't gone as planned, but, honestly I am so lucky. I'm not even sure that I believe in luck, per say. I'm more of a 'create your own ending' type of girl, I like to believe that if things are going the way you think they should or want them to, you can change them. However, I definitely think that God has an awesome plan for me. I've been thinking a lot about getting back into Church. Since Beckham was born I have only been once. Yes, I can't believe only one time in a year. Wow, that's sad. I tried to take him when he was about four months old but it didn't work out. He wasn't having it and of course I didn't blog about it, so I can't link you to a detailed description of the day. But, let's just say he cried the whole time. Anyways, I've decided instead of 'thinking' about it anymore I'm going to just do it. I love the simple church. I enjoy going and need to just do it.

Also, Butch and I are still figuring things out, but things are 100% better. It has been a huge relief to know that I married a man that is in this for the long haul-the ups and downs, good and bad, for better or for worse. He is an amazing man and I am so lucky to call him mine.

I think it's important to remember all that we have other times than just Thanksgiving, so I've compiled a list:
Butch- my husband, my best friend, the keeper of my heart and the first person I can't wait to talk to when I have good news. I am so thankful that we are both flawed humans. I am so grateful that he chose me to live the rest of his life with. Words can't explain what that man means to me. He is selfless and selfish at the same time. He gets on my nerves, under my skin and drives me crazy most of the time, but he is my number one. He is always there when I need him. He makes sacrifices no man should have to make for their family and he does it all for us; our family. I am most thankful for him because he is my baby daddy :)
Beckham- of course my first born (and possibly only, who knows?) My whole life changed when he came into my life. This world is no longer about me. Every decision I make is for him. I am so lucky to get to spend as much time with him as I do. I love this kid more than anything on this earth and his needs are always on my mind. I am also so thankful he is healthy; it breaks my heart to think of what life would be like if he wasn't.
My health- I am so thankful I am healthy. I am thankful I get another day to watch my son grow up and another memory to create with my husband and our families.
My job- I have a job that I absolutely love. The fact that I have a job, at all, is something to appreciate. But, the fact that it is without a doubt my dream job is something to truly be thankful for.
Our home- I am grateful we have made this house our home. This is the house we came home to after Beckham was born. We have made so many wonderful memories in this house; and although it is not our forever home, I am thankful for our home.
My faith- I'm not going to lie. My faith has been shaken more than once in my life already, and although I am sure it will happen again, I have trust in God that this is his plan. I am thankful for my faith because I don't have to worry about the future, I can focus on today. I can absorb these sweet moments in life without fear, because I know there is a God. And Although my relationship with God is not even close to where I would like it to be, I feel like because I'm admitting that, it opens the door.
My family- My gosh my family is crazy. I have so many people I consider to be family that really aren't and vice versa. But, to me family is not always blood, or close relation even. Family means always being there for one another. My 'family' is amazing. My family is my rock. I am thankful for my family because no matter what they will always be there for me. We may not always like what each other has to say, but we listen. We may not always like each other, but we always love each other. My family is so special to me because they have been there for me through the ups and downs and never strayed. I am blessed to be loved by so many people; I don't know what I would do without them.
There are so many more materialistic things I am thankful for but these are the basis of everything. I truly wouldn't have anything without them.

I talked about being blessed here back in February; you can read if you'd like to see how things changed a little bit.

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