Friday, July 26, 2013

high five for Summer

I started the list here and then updated it here. Summer is still letting its presence be know here in Louisiana, but I actually start back working Thursday after next and only about two weeks total left of summer break before school starts back up in full force. So, I thought it was a good time to update the list. *things we've done since last update...

Summer To Do List:
Go swimming
Go to the park
Eat ice cream
Build a pillow (and blanket) fort
Visit family
Go to Yaya and Grumpy's *
We visited Mom's over the fourth- I talked about it here.
Paint with pudding
Bake cookies
Read LOTS of books *
We are part of a Summer Book exchange- you basically buy one book and end up getting 20+ in return. You follow directions from a printout. I'll explain later, but we've received about 6 so far and it has been so fun to check the mail everyday! Beckham also got some awesome books for his birthday!
Go for walks
Lay in the grass *

Play in sprinklers
Eat sno-cones
Go to the lake *
Mom lives on the lake, so check that one off! But, I'm sure we'll go back before Summer is over.
Take lots of pictures *
Umm, yeah! check, check, and check!

Put those pictures into an album
Play in the mud
Eat s'mores
Build a fire*
Prior to the party we worked really hard cleaning up the yard- including burning some leaves, this wasn't exactly the kind of fire I was planning but it's too dang hot to sit around a fire and eat smores so I'm marking that one off! Much more of a winter activity!
Watch the sunset
Stay up late
Wake up early
Go to a Gymboree class
Go shopping *
See a baseball game
Go fishing
Write with sidewalk chalk
Finger paint
Eat Popsicles *

Take a trip *
Ride in a boat
Have 1 year old pictures made

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