Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Classroom Update

Forgive me for the lack of a move it Monday, I have in no way been moving it. However, I am still watching what I eat and hopefully this week I can get some exercise in. We shall see.

Anyways, Monday I did get some major progress done in my room. Here's the last little update on my room. I am about 80% done. I still have a bunch to get laminated and can't do that until the Librarians come back on the 5th. So, that stuff will have to wait. But, I did get everything that I had done, put on the walls. And with the exception of my tables being leveled they are all set up how I want them. So here's an update.

Ok this is the BEFORE!! The teacher prior to me covered the boards in fabric, and while I think it's a pretty good idea, it was wrinkled and falling apart so when I came in October, I just put up a border and didn't mess with it. But, now that I am starting this year I wanted to change them. So I took down that awful fabric and covered them with paper. I liked the green, so I kept one green but changed the other to a bright yellow!! I love them. The Make Up board is where I put papers when students are absent or don't finish something. It's so easy to just tack it up there and whenever they come back they can find their paper, it seemed to work well last year. The No Name board is pretty much self explanatory. After I got home I thought I could split the No Name board and put I Can... where I can change out the weekly standards.

Here's the after!

I finished all of the cabinets! Just a little modpodge, scrapbook paper and paint!

Here's a view of the entire front of the room. I have a few things ordered to put on the front wall that should be here in August but for now it's pretty bare. And as I said above, the tables are not leveled. But, they are U shaped and where I want them.

This big board will have six incentive charts on the right side, but I have to get them laminated. Here are some close ups of everything. I am so in love with my Grammar Dots!

My desk area. I got my cork board and fish painting from Painting with a Twist hung up in my little area.

back of the class. I also have things to add to back wall. excuse the mess on the tables.

And lastly, here's the cutest poster I made at the teacher center for over my door. It was really hard to get a picture because of this fabulous bar that goes directly in front of it but anyways, use your imagination. 

Two weeks until school starts I'll do one more final update when everything is DONE!
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