Friday, July 5, 2013

Fourth (& Fifth) Festivities

My diet is official out the window for this week. Beckham and I have been at my Mom & Step Dad's house pretty much relaxing and eating all week long! It's been nice but the gym is going to kick my butt Monday. I'm surprisingly still motivated to workout I just have a self-control problem especially with sweets and Mom bought Reese's cups I can't seem to stay out of.
Playin with Grumpy

In other news, Beckham is having a blast at Yaya's house. The sleeping situation is not ideal but it's just a week so we are fine. Beckham sleeps good for about four hours then he wakes up and gets on the couch with me. But, other than that- he's been playing outside on the deck, in the little pool, and definitely staying busy. I think he's too young to get in the lake and Butch thinks he's too young to ride in the boat, so we've kept our feet on dry land all week, but it hasn't been bad. The weather has been gorgeous, hot, but with a nice breeze. 
I could die.

Yesterday we basically just hung out all day and relaxed. Johnnie had to work so we didn't do much. The lake that they live on had a floatilla & firework show today so we were pretty much a day late on the actual 4th of July festivities. We did get to see some pretty fireworks from a distance last night. Beckham loved them. He couldn't take his eye off of them.

Today was a blast, we woke up early, and got dressed in our red, white & blue! I made patriotic fruit pizza, mom made blue velvet cupcakes (that were really ugly but delicious- and I guess that's all that matters! Lol), two different types of dips (french onion & pizza), and Johnnie smoked pork shoulder & we had BBQ sandwiches. Since Beckham didn't ride in the boat I stayed with him on the deck most of the day. Johnnie's son Johnnie Richard & his family came over. I had never met my step brother or his family so it was nice to spend time with them. We were planning on leaving tomorrow but decided to come on home today. I think both Beckham and I were ready for our own beds! So, as I blog from the comfort of my fluffy and warm bed with too many pillows, I just have to say it's good to be home.

I've got so much more birthday stuff to do before the 20th. I did actually get the invitations completely done tonight and I'll be mailing them out Monday. I'm particularly proud if them because I actually made the envelopes from card stock, cut out every single label, sticker and invitation by hand AND hand wrote all of the addresses. One thing checked off the list, 422738 more to go! 

Photo dump of our festivities:
(Sugar cookie mix-baked, equal parts marshmallow fluff & cream cheese as icing, add fruit & viola) 

Happy fourth & fifth! 

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  1. Good luck for your plans girl . All I can see is a yummy cake and an adorable little man ;)
    Noor @ Noor's Place


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