Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Today I...

Today was very busy, although we never technically left our yard/house (other than riding the Ranger all of 100 yards to Grami's house)...

Today, Beckham slept until 10:00 AM; yes, my child is awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in! So, when we got up I fixed eggs and pancakes for breakfast. He eats so good for his age. Right now he has 4 teeth; 2 on top and 2 on bottom, but is trying to cut the two next to his upper incisors. So, according to this he is right on schedule. Back to today- after breakfast he was dying to get outside, literally beating on the glass door. So we played outside. ALL. DAY. LONG. I have a feeling this is going to become a daily occurrence with little man. He loves being outside and I totally do too do not. I should have added play outside to the to do list because we definitely could have marked that one off! Hey! And we ate sherbet today, that's kind of like ice cream...ha!

I can't seem to find a layout on this blog that I like......urghhhh. While trying to decide how I was going to, yet again, change it. I ran across this post. I literally LOL'd when I read that I wrote about losing 7 lbs. (I even said "bye bye baby weight") yeahhh...that's about where my weight loss stopped. It's depressing. I really wanted to be back to pre-baby weight by Beckham's birthday. That was a lie. Deep down inside I was thinking I'd totally bounce back within a few months. Boy, was I wrong. I can't remember exactly what I weighed when I left the hospital, I have a number in mind and if that's correct then I've actually lost 13 lbs since July 20th, which is sad! I've GOT to do something. And by something, I mean something soon. Beckham's birthday is quickly approaching and honestly, at this point, I'd be happy with just being 10 lbs lighter. OK! That's enough of my whining.

Here's a pic from today :)
Please excuse our mess of a backyard! We are currently trying really hard to get the grass to spread. The part Beckham is standing in is growing beautifully, now we need it to spread out.

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