Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Organized....or at least my version.

I'm guessing since I am out for the summer I have become a bit stagnant. And by stagnant, I, by no means, mean bored. I do have a ten month old that is currently, walking running, and being a typical boy! Anyways... thanks to Pinterest I was on a mission to organize. We are renters so there's not a whole lot we can do with our space but hopefully that will change very soon! And by the way, I am horrible at this, obviously, because I totally didn't take before pictures but lets just say it looked a lot like this. HAHAHAAAA! But, seriously. It was BAD! We have this awkward corner in our living room that I didn't really know what to do with so I just put a desk there; and when we first moved in right at a year ago, it stayed nice and neat and organized, but we also did not have a child and had just moved in. Once we started to actually live in the space it slowly but surely became more of a dumping ground. What started as a bill/computer center, turned into a 'I don't know where to put this, let's put it here' center. So, I moved the desk to the kitchen, awkward....I know. But it seems to work for us.
So- back to the awkward corner in the living room... I got this cheap little 9 cube shelf thing at Walmart, I think it was around $30, and some canvas baskets that I labeled with these that I bought forever ago because they were cute and never found a need for them, until now! Finished product:

The Easter picture of Beckham is too small but it was free from the photographer and all of this is just temporary! I SO wish I had a before picture because it's a pretty drastic transformation. I quickly fell in love with those cute little chalkboard labels and soon found another reason to use them.... the bathroom! And the organizing continued.

Please keep in mind (as I have also had to convince myself) that all of this is temporary!!!!!! This is by no means our forever house. We are literally busting at the seams, but it's our sweet little cottage and I am trying to enjoy it for however longer we may be here. Hubby says this time he comes home we are going to talk to some builders, so we shall see! :)

I'm pretty proud of my little projects. They'll work for now!

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