Friday, May 17, 2013

Where did April go?

Seriously, where did the month of April go? I'm going to try to summarize our month...
Beckham had his first Easter pictures with baby lambs!! It was so cute and he actually liked them! They were a little more scared of him than the other way around! Anyways I thought the lambs would be something different and I was so pleased with the pics! He's so stinkin cute with his one little tooth! Mary (with Creative Imaging) even had me get in one shot, which turned out to be my first professional picture with my baby-so it doesn't really matter than I'm so not dressed for pics- oh well! I keep begging Butch to do some family pictures but he's not real into it so, we'll see! 

I was so pleased with Beckham's Easter basket!! I ordered the basket from etsy and fund the other things at various places. His basket has eggs & cute bunnies on each side of his name, that you can't see and was filled with the following: a floaty thing for the pool this summer, LSU bottles, a nuk sippy cup, blue peeps, easter bunny sock monkey, my first easter chick stuffed animal, cotton candy, baseball toy & Noah's ark plastic eggs! I was/am so in love with it! The basket isn't too baby-ish and is multicolored so it'll go with any outfit and he can use it for years to come, at least that's the argument I told myself for paying $55 for it. 
Over Spring break my sweet boy & wonderful hubby played nurse & took care of me while I was recovering from having all 4 wisdom teeth pulled. It was not fun but thank God my Mom came or a few days and helped with Beckham so I literally slept about 48 hours straight!
Grami and Pop got Beckham bunnies for Easter- they don't have names yet. We've considered Pete & Repete or Pootie head & Looski (those are Beckham's crazy nicknames) but nothing has stuck!
You can't really see his Easter outfit but this is the only picture I have on my phone & my laptop decided to die on me. Boo! Easter brought the usual cold snap & horrible weather so, it was cold & rainy all day. But, Beckham really didn't care about hunting eggs anyways, so it turned out fine!

We finished off the month of April by visiting Yaya and Grumpy!! They remodeled their house & it's finally done, or livable lol it looks awesome & will be amazing when it's completed!
Sweet boy napping at Yaya's and eating Swiss cake rolls-which he LOVED btw!

So, our April was pretty awesome. We stayed busy, obviously, because it came & went in the blink of an eye! I am trying HARD to savor these precious moments with Beckham but it is so hard! It seems like he is growing at warp speed & I am missing everything!!!!! Side note- he I'd trying HARD TO WALK, yes at 9 months! Ugh!!! Hell on wheels! I am so lucky to be his Mommy!

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