Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thankful part two

Every single day for the past sixteen months I have said thank you to God for bringing Beckham into our lives and making me his Mommy, so this week (and every other week really) the entire focus is on him. He is my favorite subject and truly my greatest accomplishment. 

Dear Beckham,
You will be sixteen months old in four short days. Where did the time go? I am beyond obsessed with you. Everything about you. You are the sweetest, kindest, smartest little boy in the entire world. You amaze me everyday in your actions and comprehension. I love watching you learn and grow everyday. I especially love watching you with other kids, especially Jake. It's like you know he is younger and not as strong as you. You love to pet his head and push him in the car. You're always so gentle. You love to hug him and kiss his head. You always bring him a toy when you see him or even give him the one you are playing with. I would definitely like to take credit for teaching you to share but I really believe it is most likely just in your good nature. Even when you're mad (usually for not getting your way) and someone gives you something you always say thank you, it comes out more like "tantoo" but I know what you mean. When I say we are going bye bye you start saying shoes and go get my shoes. They always match. When you're hungry you say bite or eat; and when you're thirsty you say drink or milk. I've (I say 'I' but everyone really has) always talked to you just like we talk to each other. I can baby talk with the best of them but I've always wanted to teach you correct vocabulary-I knew you'd do the baby talk on your own- and you do! You can just about tell anyone exactly what you want, when you want it. If you can't say the words you will point or lean towards whatever you want. 

Our friend Haley had her baby boy, Peyton yesterday and it has really brought me back to the day you were born. I remember almost every second of that first day, from when we checked into the hospital at 11:00pm to when you were born the next day at 3:15pm. The funniest thing was when your Daddy said to me, "I can tell you one thing, I don't like looking at you in that hospital bed." He was so worried about us the whole time. He loves you so much baby boy and works in Alaska just for you. He wants you to have the best life we can possibly give you even if that means he has to sacrifice his time with you. Even though he does have to work away from us you still love being with your Daddy. Your favorite thing has always been to ride the Ranger and I don't see that changing for many many years. Your Daddy can't wait to take you hunting and fishing either. Grami has even taught you to say Butch, although it comes out more like "Buu" and you don't say DaDa much anymore, now it's more like Diddy. Which your Daddy loves! If you ever read anything from this blog, I hope you read this. You have made me your Daddy and I the happiest two people I believe exist in this world. The joy you have brought to our lives is immeasurable. Each day is an adventure with you. To call you a blessing is a complete understatement. You are so much more than a blessing; you are truly a one-of-a-kind gift from God. I love you more than you will ever know and am so incredibly thankful for each day I get to spend with you.

Love always,
Your Mama

Dear Beckham-12 months old
Dear Beckham-6 months old

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  1. That is the SWEETEST!!! You need to print these blogs and organize them so that he can read them one day!!! I am so proud of the mommy you have become and so proud to call myself your mommy!!! Love you!


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