Friday, November 15, 2013

high five for Friday

Today has been a really good week-definitely worthy of a HF4F!! I don't do them every week but I felt it was necessary! Here's a recap:

1. I found out the hubs is going to be home for Christmas!! YAY! I am so beyond excited I can't even tell you! I was stressing over it to say the least but it turns out Butch had been working to get his schedule switched around for weeks! I love him!

2. I also found out I won Teacher of the Year. Whoohoo! It's actually for the 2014-2015 school year but they announce it the year before because it is a TON of work! It is an honor, and I am grateful but I am starting Grad School, have a 1 year old, etc. I hope I can get it all done ugh it's going to be a full plate for the next few months.

3. #selfies I'm not sorry I just used a hash tag. It was needed. Lately I've been wearing my glasses more-and apparently taking selfies. Ha! I've never been one to take them but whatever. Random.

4. Wednesday was a Professional Development day at work which basically means we are in meeting all day long. Sometimes we get an hour or so to work in our rooms but not that day. I literally sat and listening to different speakers talk for hours. Some of it was valuable information but the whole time I was sitting there thinking I had so much work to do in my room. Anyways, I got about ten minutes in my room before I left and got my sign hung. Update: It fell the next day... :(

5. Lastly, I am starting to order some Thanksgiving outfits and Christmas presents. It's getting me all excited and feeling festive! Here's the Thanksgiving shirt I ordered for Beckham.

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