Friday, November 1, 2013

eating and sleeping

Eating and sleeping, or a lack there of. I never in a million years that I would be writing a post about Beckham's sleeping habits; because, frankly they've always been great! I'm not sure what's been going on lately but he's having some major problems in the area of sleep.

As a newborn it was nothing for him to sleep 10-14 hours at a time. I would frequently touch his back just to make sure he was still breathing. It was soo scary but I honestly never experiences the exhaustion as some new Moms do, simply because he was on the best eating and sleeping routine ever. I did read BabyWise and used some of that knowledge to try to sleep train him but really he made his own routine and we just went with it. I jealous. He was so easy. Plus, we have always had an amazing support system and once little man was here that only escalated.

So, here we are at 15 months and he is starting to have some sleep issues. Last Thursday night we went to eat about an hour away and Beckham ended up getting sick on the way- like projectile vomit- TMI, I know. And since that night he has not had the best nights. I'm not sure if he's waking up with a stomach ache or a bad dream but it seems like for the last week he has been waking up at least once every night. Some nights he goes right back to sleep, and other nights he doesn't. One day last weekend he literally woke up at 2:30 ready to party. I put him in the bed with me and my husband- tisk tisk...I know. But, whatever it was 2:30am. He was jumping up and down in the bed saying Diddy, Diddy! haha! It was so funny but at the same time I was like go to sleep child. So, he finally goes to sleep and then woke up again at 5:30; luckily, I fixed him some milk and he went back to sleep until 7. That was not a fun night.

Also, eating habits- For the past couple of weeks Beckham has not really been eating good. Just yesterday and today he has kind of started to pick his normal habits back up again. I'm not sure if it's just a phase but it is starting to worry me because at his 15 mo visit the Dr. wanted him to eat more and he is actually eating less. I know that 2 yr olds usually go through a phase similar to this where they become super picky and I am hoping that's what this is. But, it seems like he is not so much picky as he is just grazing when he eats. He pretty much wants to at least take a bite or two of everything but then that's all he wants. He will eat two bites of this, two bites of that, and then be done.

Okay I feel like I am rambling. Hopefully this is only a phase and he'll be sleeping better as well as his eating will pick up soon. He's so active and strong, and I know he's growing; I'm just confused as to what is going on!

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