Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thankful part three

I have often bragged about the fact that Beckham was over a year old when he had his first 'sick' visit. And even then it was a germ in his hip that had already pretty much gone away by the end of the doctor visit.

So, last Tuesday I took off work to go pick up Butch from the airport. I knew that Beckham had a little cold and I talked to the nurse Monday to see about what I could give him. Monday night I could tell that he really did not feel good. He literally laid on the couch and watched an entire episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and him laying still for that long is a rare occurrence around here. He ended up falling asleep on the couch that night.

Anyways, we woke up Tuesday morning to get Butch from the airport. He was still visibly not feeling well; coughing a little, but mainly just looked really sleepy. He surprisingly didn't fall asleep when we got home, I think he was too excited that his Daddy was home. When he would cough he would get choked and throw up and this went on for a couple of hours. He was literally just spitting up phlegm. He eventually took a nap and when he woke up it was like he was still sleepy. He was real lethargic and just kind of laying around everywhere. I noticed he was wheezing and taking really short breaths. Also, I kept noticing how pale he looked. I thought it might have been from being so nauseated earlier. It started to worry me so I had a friend (that's a nurse) come over. She said he was retracting and needed to go to the Emergency Room to get a breathing treatment. Uhhhh.....what? ER with my baby? I started to freak out. I called the nurse to see if she could call ahead and get us to a room quicker because she said we didn't need to wait very long. She explained that retracting meant he was struggling to breath but still getting air-just not taking good breaths. She told me not to worry (yeah right), it happens a lot and to get to the ER as soon as possible. I started to pack a bag in case we were admitted and it all became a blur. I was a mess. I was so scared and stressed and rushing and trying not to cry at the same time. As we were driving to the hospital I looked over to Butch and said I do not know how parents with sick babies do it. It took all I could do not to cry in that moment and cry now as I'm writing this. It was definitely the scariest moment of parenthood so far.

Thank God everything turned out to be okay. His vitals were good but not great. His saturated oxygen level was 92 when we got there and once it went up to 100 we were able to leave. So, 5 hours, 4 breathing treatments, and a round of steroids later we were headed home. We ended up having to have a follow up appointment with our Pediatrician the next day. He was acting pretty normal while we waited (an hour.ugh!) he was breathing a little heavy and the nurse said his saturated oxygen level was still fluctuating from 89-97 which meant it was low, and he was getting good breaths but they were few and far between. So, now we have an inhaler, steroids, and cough medicine for the next few days but it is a far cry from what could have happened. Our pedi said she didn't think he had asthma it was probably just triggered from the cold. She determined it to be a lower respiratory infection.

It really made me appreciate one of the most simple, yet often taken for granted things in life, our health.

 Mr. Nosey at the doctors office.

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