Thursday, October 31, 2013


Tuesday evening Beckham and I went to trunk or treat at church and had a great time! He played tic-tac-toe with limes, tried to catch bubbles, threw toilet paper rolls at a huge smiley face and ate a hot dog and some m&ms. I can't get over how different our Halloween was this year compared to last year. Life is so much fun with him! To see his face light up at everything around him seriously makes my life. He can say pumpkin, it comes out more like "pummpumm" but still. I know what he's saying. I was afraid the weather was going to be bad tonight so I was so glad we got some use out of his adorable Scooby Doo costume- which he actually kept the head piece on for most of the night- But, despite the horrible rain this morning, this evening turned out gorgeous, so we ended up going trick or treating. 

 I realize trick or treating is kind of becoming a thing of the past but I really want to keep the tradition alive with Beckham even if it is just going around to friends and family. It was exhausting to say the least since we had to drive around to each individual house but it was still fun and even without a nap Beckham had a great time.

I love dressing up for just about anything- I don't mind looking ridiculous- It's all for fun! A lot of the teachers at work dress up, so I did as well. I was shocked when I had a lot of kids ask me 'who' I was. Ugh! What? I'm a 50s girl......obviously! Anyways I got a lot of compliments and I think it turned out pretty cute.

At some point during the night Beckham ended up with my glasses on and I ended up with a mustache. Ha!
By the time we made it to our last stop which was Grami's house, Beckham was full on ready to dig into his candy. He settled for some fruit snacks and cheetos and had a hot dog and fun fetti cupcake for supper. I think he had a good time, even without a nap. I know it was fun for me! We worked on saying trick or treat but it came out more like 'chichi' haha! Oh well, maybe next year. I wish Daddy was here to trick or treat with us but hopefully he'll be home to go next year. Either way, he is an amazing Daddy for working so hard for us!

Happy Halloween 2013! It was a good one.
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