Thursday, June 27, 2013

Move it Thursday?

One week in and I didn't quite make the Move It Monday post. So here's Move It Thursday! Last week I managed to go to the gym Monday through Friday! I started slow on Monday but by Thursday I was burning over 400 calories a day (I realize that is still pretty slow to some). I did Zumba with some friends on Friday and it was so fun! I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow so I can do it again. I did not do a very good job at recording my times/calories burned last week but I am trying to do better this week. I actually took a before picture last Monday. Yeah, it's bad. I most definitely will NOT be posting it, or my weight for that matter. Also, my goal was to at least go to the gym 3 days a week and lose 10 lbs by Beckham's birthday. I'll admit going 5 last week may have been a little too much I was beyond sore all weekend, then on Monday we went  shopping all day and I didn't feel like going when we got home; and then Tuesday the hubby and I went fishing all day since he had to go back to work yesterday. But, I did make it to the gym yesterday, I am going later today, and Zumba tomorrow! That's 3- I'm happy about it! I am also thinking about doing the Military Diet. I have done it before with pretty good success so I'm contemplating doing it a few times before Beckham's birthday to maybe jump start some weight loss. Plus, since Butch is working, I don't have to cook and can diet a little bit. So there's that. Move it Thursday! HA!

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