Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Life lately

Birthday party planning is in full force! We are scheduled for 1 year pictures this weekend and I am seriously starting to get excited!!!! 
Daddy is home so we are enjoying spending time with him! 
Beckham has a newfound obsession with the lower cabinets in our kitchen so we had to baby proof everything today. It's just a matter of time before he realizes how to open them, but for now he is leaving them alone! 
Today I....
Slept late- Beckham slept until 11... Yeah I have the best baby ever! Well technically he woke up at 7 but then went back to sleep so, yeah, I'll take it!
Cooked brunch and had some of Butch's fabulous homemade plum jelly!
Played outside, in the dirt, no less! We are trying so hard to grow some grass and it's actually coming in pretty good but of course Beckham wants to play in the spots where it's not growing! Go figure! He's definitely all boy!
Had a mani-pedi! It was so nice to get out and relax for a bit by myself! Plus, my nails and toes look very cute & match! :)
Cooked chicken fajitas & yellow rice for supper.
Stayed up late and blogged....ha!

Here's the usual photo dump:

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