Wednesday, June 26, 2013

First day of Summer

Written 6/22/13
Yesterday was the official first day of Summer so I thought it was time for an update on our To Do List. I talked about some different things I wanted to do with Beckham this Summer in this post so here's what we've been doing. We have gone swimming, a lot; which I knew we would because Grami has a pool. He ate one of those little chocolate dipped ice cream cones and LOVED it. He made a huge mess because he started at the cone, but it was still precious. I bought this little sprinkler mainly because it was Mickey Mouse, and only $8.00 and when I got it, it definitely reflected the price because it is somewhat cheap looking. I guess you get what you pay for, but it's still functional and Beckham liked it okay. He didn't really know what to do with it because it spins pretty fast and shoots water up really high. Anyways, long story short, we played in the sprinklers. We have also had sno-cones quite a few times. Beckham's favorite is green apple, I have no idea why but he loves it. He wasn't crazy about bubblegum, which I thought was weird because most kids love anything bubblegum. My all time favorite sno-cone flavor is wedding cake....I get it from my Mama. Haha! With Daddy being home Beckham and I both tend to stay up a little later than usual. But, last week Beckham was just not ready for bed, one night he stayed up until 11:30. I was like, really, it's time for bed child. It also just so happens that this morning he woke up at 3:00a kind of coughing/choking. It was scary. He had a hard time getting back to sleep but finally went back down around 5:00a. It has been a long day already. We have plans in the works to go see Yaya and Grumpy over the Fourth of July, they live on the lake, and have a boat. So, hopefully we will get a few more things marked off. I have already taken a lot of pictures, but I'm not marking that one off yet, and we've technically already watched a baseball game (on TV) but that's cheating so I'm not marking that one off yet either. I already talked about getting Beckham's 1 year old pictures made and here are some very low resolution proofs.

In hindsight I wish I would have asked the lady that made the cake not to use red around the edges. Naturally, Beckham grabbed the red icing first and it kind of reminds me of a vampire.  But, they are still cute.

Summer To Do List:
Go swimming
Go to the park
Eat ice cream
Build a pillow (and blanket) fort
Visit family
Go to Yaya and Grumpy's
Paint with pudding
Bake cookies
Read LOTS of books 
Go for walks
Lay in the grass
Play in sprinklers
Eat sno-cones
Go to the lake
Take lots of pictures
Put those pictures into an album
Play in the mud
Eat s'mores
Build a fire
Watch the sunset
Stay up late
Wake up early
Go to a Gymboree class
Go shopping
See a baseball game
Go fishing
Write with sidewalk chalk
Finger paint
Eat Popsicles
Take a trip
Ride in a boat
Have 1 year old pictures made

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