Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The past two days my Mother-in-law and I have watched some friends of ours, twin boys (along with Beckham, of course). But let me just say.... I. AM. EXHAUSTED! I seriously feel like I've been ran over by a Mack truck! Did I mention the boys are 11 months old, and the reason we are watching them is because their Mom just had another baby. A little girl, born 8 weeks early- but Mom and baby are doing great! Anyways the boys are not walking yet but they are still very fast, rough, energetic, hungry, and did I mention rough? Yes! They are absolutely adorable, their smiles are the cutest ever but my gosh I feel for their Mama. Baby girl has to stay in NICU for a month but when she does get to come home- poor Mama is going to have a newborn and two, 1 year olds (getting ready to walk!)....oh. my. gosh. I can't even imagine! One of the only times I had both Beckham and at least one of the boys satisfied at the same time was watching Disney Jr. Case and point......
Anyways, great, fun filled day all around but this Mama is tired! And apparently so was Beckham. He was out like a light at 9:00p. This might just be his first night to sleep longer than 6 hours? ...hmmm...a girl can dream

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