Thursday, September 13, 2012

Today I....

Today I.... (got this idea from here.)
-Actually didn't go to bed until this morning (around 1am) thanks to Pinterest and online shopping for things I don't usual.
-Woke up to Beckham at 4:00a- changed, fed, and back to bed by 5:00a.
-Woke up again at 7:30 to Beckham wide eyed as could be just laughing and playing in the bed.
-Changed him, got a shower, fed him and got him ready to go.
-Went to a friends to pick up some baby food she had for us and give her some formula. We switched from Enfamil Infant to Gentlease about a week ago and she uses Infant. So, we had some to give her since we weren't using it anymore.
-Went by the donut shop for some yummy donut holes. My fav! Totally not helping this whole, lose the baby weight thing. Ugh
-Went to Grammy's to help her watch the twins again. They were really good! We figured out they LOVE Happy Feet so it was a pretty easy day.
-Beckham decided to get fussy towards the end of the day so we called it an early night at Grammy's came home, got a bath, some cereal and rocked for about 20 minutes. We both loved it and he was out by 9:30p! My gosh that boy fights sleep to no end! I just don't get it. I love sleep- why can't he?
Today I also......
:: Thought about how much I miss Butch! I'm so ready for him to be home. Three weeks 23 days is a long time. I'm never 'ready' for him to go back to work, and I miss him the second he walks into the Airport. :(
:: Enjoyed the rain shower that came through around 6:00p. It has been so unbelievably hot, the cold front is much appreciated!
:: Freaked out because I thought Beckham rolled over.... turns out Uncle B flipped him while we weren't looking.
:: Got good news about my possible upcoming job....update soon!
:: Thought about Beckham's 1st Birthday's not like I have 10 months to plan it or anything.:)
:: Missed Daddy more.
:: Smooched and rocked my sweet little boy to bed. My favorite part of the day (Mommy cuddle time!)

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