Sunday, September 23, 2012

1st Road Trip to YaYa's

I'm just now finding the time to catch up on some blogging. If no one ever reads this it will be totally fine with me. Being able to sit back and reflect on the different things that we ( Butch, Beckham and I) have going on in our lives is so special to me. I love the fact that Beckham or Butch I will be able to look back on this and reminisce of all the different and mostly boring to everyone else (right now-baby's still little!) things that we do.
he really is THE cutest baby ever
Anyways, this past weekend we took our first road trip! Although we live in the country so mostly everything is a 'roadtrip'. We went to visit YaYa (my Mom) and Grumpy (my step Dad). Beckham was a little sick, just allergy stuff, but you could tell he was uncomfortable. Poor baby would try to rub his own eyes, it was so cute! As usual, the car ride totally frightened me but it turned out to be fine. About twenty minutes away from Mom's he started getting a little fussy but not bad. The weekend was spent relaxing, catching up, and fawning over this precious baby. He is loved beyond words. Mom got him a new play mat with mobile and piano that he can kick to make music and he absolutely loves it! We actually ended up taking it home and I'm ordering Mom another one to keep at her house. Beckham doesn't seem to like any 'toys' (swing, bouncer, play mat, boppy etc.) but something about this mat, he just loves it, which I love!

new favorite toy!
With the help of baby doses of Benadryl, saline nose drops, Tylenol and a humidifier, little boy is finally feeling better! He can actually breath through his nose (which is important for sucking a paci, drinking a bottle, and other various baby activities!).

The ride home was a breeze, he slept the whole time. As soon as we got home we went to see everyone at MayMay's watching the Saints game, and then to Grammy's for supper. Had a GREAT weekend and finally, around 7:30 we got home. Bath, cereal and bed by 8:30. Baby and Mama are tired! Goodnight

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