Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sad day :(

So every three weeks my wonderful husband goes to work in Alaska. It is so hard to watch him walk into the Airport, but even harder now that we have Beckham. I can't even imagine how difficult it is for him to leave us. I'm sad to see him go but, I am still home with friends, family and our child. He is in Alaska alone. His Dad works for the same company but in completely different areas and they seldom see each other. So, he is practically all by himself. He is always silent on the way to the airport and usually calls me as soon as he walks through Security. But, this time was different. It was silent in the car (as usual) but, there was definitely a tense feeling in the air. I rode in the back with Beckham so he could see one of us because he's rear facing- and he gets to stare at the back of a seat for an hour long trip (one way!). Sounds like fun to me, right? And people wonder why kids scream the whole time they're in a car seat, ugh. I don't like the whole rear facing BS- if you couldn't tell.

Anyways, Butch works 3 weeks 23 days in Alaska, and is home for 3 weeks 19 days. We really adjusted to this lifestyle pretty well but, then came along little 'bunkin' (as Butch calls him! haha) and things have definitely changed. I try to reassure him that he is the best Father and Husband for working away like he does. Any guy can sit at home and scratch a broke behind but, for him to leave everything in order to provide [for us] takes a real MAN. And I am SO thankful to have him in my (our) life. He is truly my best friend and the best Daddy in the world! But the days he has to leave are still hard (for all of us).

Change of pace! My girlfriends and I are going out this weekend! Just dinner and a late movie. But, Beckham is staying with Grammy. I have mixed emotions. I'm super excited to have some girl time- we never get to see each other! But, I also feel a bit sad that I won't be waking up to Beckham Sunday morning. Good thing Grammy lives about 100 yards away! :)

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