Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Beckham's top 5

Beckham is now 14 1/2 months old and I thought it would be fun to update everyone on his favorite things. This will be different from the one year favorites post because these are all of Beckham's favorites, not baby gear. So here we go.... Beckham's top 5.

1. a phone/iPad/remote of any kind- Seriously, this kid is obsessed with the telephone. As I said before, he now says "PONE" and can spot one from a mile away. He knows the difference from a play phone and a real one and most of the time will not settle for the toy phone. He knows there's no one on the other line and he'll hand it to me and say "fisssit" like fix it. lol

2. 4 wheeler/Ranger- All you have to say is "wanna go for a ride?" and he gets so excited, starts running towards you and trying to crawl up to go. He'll start waving and saying bye bye. I'm pretty sure he would ride that thing all day, every day, without a problem.

3. the golf cart- Beckham has always loved to ride anything but since our trip to Little River he has a new found love of the golf cart. When we are at Grami and Pop's house he will start walking all around the yard looking for it. It's usually parked in one spot and he has already figured it out. He constantly climbs up the seat and pretends like he's driving. Similar to this:

4. being outside- Beckham is such an outside boy. You say the word 'outside' and he starts to freak. We recently got a new back porch and he loooooves to play out there. We don't have a whole lot of grass around our house so anytime we are in the yard he gets absolutely filthy; which is fine most of the time, but sometimes it's nice to be outside and not have to take a bath when we come back in. He loves to play with his toys or just lay around on the rug. This was from the past weekend.

5. running around naked- He went through a phase where every time we went to change his diaper he would throw a fit and try to run away. It's not so bad anymore, he has grown out of the fit throwing (at diaper changes) but he still loves to run around naked. Usually I let him have 3 or 4 minutes of naked time after his bath. I'm pretty sure it's his most favorite time of the day.
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