Thursday, October 17, 2013

fifteen months

Butch took Beckham to his fifteen month check up, I hated that I couldn't go but I took a day and a half off last week (long story- I'll update later) and I really couldn't miss another day. All my fellow teachers out there: Is it just me, or is is more work to plan for a sub than to just stick it out?

This was the first time that Butch took Beckham to 1)a doctors appointment and 2) out of Vivian by himself. I was nervous but knew he'd have no problem since he is a wonderful Daddy! So, I didn't think Beckham had to get any shots today, I thought he might have to get a flu shot but wasn't sure so I didn't mention it to Butch. Around 11:00 I get a text saying they are giving him shots and Butch is freaking out.. ugh. I honestly didn't know. He ended up having to get two routine vaccines and a flu shot. Butch wasn't happy- said Beckham cried a lot and he didn't like having to see that... I can't blame him but it does kind of come with the territory. I have already had my fair share of crying doctor visits. Other than that the visit went pretty well.

He now weighs 29.6 lbs, head circumference of 19 cm and 31 inches long/tall. He is doing everything he should be at 15 months, including saying at least 5 words (my last count was around 23) he recognizes objects such as ball, cup, shoes, balloon, bear, phone and can follow directions, such as when I say bath he starts walking towards the bathroom, when I ask if he is hungry he says eat and starts trying to climb up the highchair, when we ask if he wants to go for a ride he starts point outside, saying "side". When we put shoes on him he starts saying "bye bye", when I change his diaper he immediately grabs the wrapped diaper and I'll say go put it in the trash, and he follows directions and drops it in the trash can. He can even match certain things like shoes. If I ask him to go get my shoes he will get a matching pair, even if other shoes are around (so it's not just a coincidence :]) He is walking with ease, holds his balance well, can squat down and back up easily, he's running, walking backwards, standing on one leg, and he can even stand on his tip toes to reach things without a problem.

About a month ago we switched to 2% organic milk because he was having some stomach problems, our pediatrician wants us to switch back to whole organic, but I just bought two half gallons of 2%, so I guess when he goes through those we will switch back to whole and go back and forth, hopefully he can handle it, if not, I'll switch back to 2% exclusively because he seems to do well with it. Our pedi also said to only give 2-4 oz of diluted juice per day. He's been drinking a lot more than that and she says it can cause him to feel full and he won't eat as well, but he eats really good so I'm not sure how much more she wants him to eat. He has chubby little cheeks and thighs- he's by no means skin and bones, but she wants him to gain some weight. He's perfect in my eyes, but I am going to try to cut out some of the junk food and focus more on proteins, but honestly, he's never been much of a mean eater. He's all about the carbs like his Mama! :)

The boys had a day of shopping planned, but after Butch was scarred but the shot incident they decided to head back home. By the time I got off of work he was fine- he usually bounces back pretty fast. The Dr. said the fly shot may cause a rash or fever, but so far he hasn't had any kind of reaction (he didn't last year either). She also said to try to keep him away from large crowd as much as possible because this Winter is proving to be a rough cold season and that a lot of bad illnesses are going around, so we will try to keep him in as much as possible, but that's harder said than done, and I'm truly not that sheltering kind of Mama. I mean, yes I do everything in my power to keep him from getting sick (15 months down and he hasn't ever really been sick- everyone gasps when I say that) but I think that kids are going to get sick no matter what a person does. It is inevitable and I'd rather him build up an immunity now than later.

All in all, I think my boys had an okay day- I know the shots were not the funnest activity but they have to be done. It's all part of the parenting gig. ha! Here's a few recent pics of our precious angel...growing and growing- he can't be stopped!

I got this pic of them in the doctor's office while I was at work today.

enjoying a half and half sprite water tonight waiting on our food he's such a big boy

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