Friday, October 18, 2013

germ in his hip?

I should have written this about a week ago, but I honestly have not had time to do anything lately. Between work, family, applying to grad school, and typical life stuff, blogging has been put on the back burner. But, I wanted to make sure to document this in case anyone else has a similar incident and because I like to at least post about important things so I can look back on them. So, here it goes:

Last Tuesday I took the day off to pick up the hubs from the airport. It was the first day I had taken off and I was excited to get a day off and see my hubby! So, Beckham and I headed to Shreveport to get Daddy that morning. He needed to go by Bass Pro and get some hunting stuff and we ended up buying Beckham some camo stuff too including a pair of boots that are too big for him right now, but will be perfect when it really gets cold around here. When we got home we commenced to having a dress up session in all of Beckham's new stuff. He loves shoes and loved the boots. He was walking pretty good in them so we let him keep them on the remainder of the day. He tripped a little here and there but nothing crazy.

The next morning he unusually woke up around 6am kind of crying. He wasn't full blown crying but a little fussy. I was getting up already and Butch got up too so I could get ready without a baby on my hip (which I highly appreciated). As Butch is cooking some breakfast and playing with Beckham he noticed that he wouldn't walk on his right leg. He called me into the kitchen and said look at him he won't walk. I started calling Beckham's name trying to get him to come towards me but he was just sitting in the middle of the kitchen and wouldn't move. So, I grabbed him hands to stand him up and his leg would give like it was numb. He wasn't acting like it hurt at all. He was laughing and playing, even kind of bouncing on it, so I thought he was just being silly. He still never walked on it, which was extremely weird but I honestly thought he was just playing around. (The point of the boot story above was because we thought maybe he sprained his ankle or something the day before when he was walking in the boots that were a little too big.) It was Grami's day to watch him so I go ahead and take him to her house and head to work. On my planning period around 9:00a I called her to see if he was walking on his leg, she tells me no he still won't walk on it, which really freaks me out now. I go ahead and call the doctor and they tell me to bring him in. I took a half day of work and took him in to see the doctor. After a few minutes in the doctors office he starts walking on his leg, not normally, it was still giving out every 10 or so steps so I knew something still wasn't right, but I was glad he was at least attempting to walk on it. After we see the nurse, the pedi comes in, rubs his legs, hips, feet, etc. and then does a blood test. Mind you, this all probably took fifteen minutes but it felt like hours. The worst thoughts imaginable were running through my head. Until this point we had NEVER had a sick visit- ever. I just knew it was going to be something horrible. She comes back in and says he has a "germ in his hip" it's like a virus that gets in the hip joint, causes inflammation and pain for 24-48 hours. He still had not acted like it hurt it at all. He just wouldn't walk on it. I start asking 7352829 questions and she finally says, it's actual name is Toxic Synovitis. Which sounds like a death sentence. She said it sounds really bad but it's actually quite common in toddlers (no one I've spoken to has ever heard of it). She said it causes pain and numbness of the hip joint but usually goes away within 48 hours and there's not much you can do about it. Seriously, my heart dropped but I was so incredibly glad it wasn't something worse. By the end of the day he was running, jumping, climbing, and playing like nothing had ever happened. It was super scary but thankfully it really wasn't that big of a deal. It was still well worth the $25 co-pay and whatever else it ends up costing, simply for the peace of mind.

So, that's my scary story that ended up not being so scary in the end, thank the Lord! I guess Beckham just loved me being off the day before he wanted me to come home early! lol

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