Friday, June 20, 2014

high five for Friday

I haven't posted a high five for Friday in so long, but I am about a week ahead in my grad classes, Beckham is napping, and Butch is working in his garden- so I had a spare moment and thought I would share!

1. On Beckham's 23 month birthday we got a clubhouse/swing set thing for his actual birthday! We decided to get it a little early so we could play with it for more of the summer. Since, tomorrow is actually the first day of Summer!

2. Wednesday, I had to do some observations for my online class at NSU and my brother is at school there so we met up for sushi! I only had an hour free and I wish we could have visited longer, but it was still nice to see him! It had been a while!

3. Beckham is obsessed with these costume glasses and it's so cute!

4. We went shopping for some clothes for his 2 year pictures.. ahh I can't believe he's about to be TWO whole years old.

5. Also for his birthday and because we were having sleep in your bed issues. I put up this bookcase, new TV, and DVD player in his room. He loves it!! AND HAS BEEN SLEEPING IN HIS BED!! YAY! Super excited about that. I also found the guard rail for his bed to convert it to a toddler bed. I'm thinking after he turns two I will put it on. Not sure yet. I know it's a big step and I'm not sure if I am actually ready. eeek

he's still a "big drool" I don't think he'll ever outgrow it

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