Friday, June 13, 2014

18 month checkup at 22 months

I said in this update that we didn't make the 18 month doctor visit so here's technically the 18 month update although he was 22 months old...don't judge. I had good reason to not take him to the doctor in the middle of flu season. And I stick by my decision!

So last week we finally made our 18 month check up. Beckham at 22 months weighs 28 lbs and 6 ozs (75%), he is 34 inches tall (50%), with a head circumference of 19.5 (90%). His pediatrician was happy he was back in 75th percentile weight range since he had been in 50th for so long. She is still pushing for us to switch to whole milk, but his stomach just can't handle it. It's no fun, and not worth it in my opinion. He's not a skinny baby- he's all muscle. Beckham is seriously talking up a storm. He now says 4 or 5 word phrases. His favorite phase has got to be "Sit Mama's lap, play phone." Seriously, he could/would play on my phone for hours if I let him. And the sad funny thing is he's usually watching videos of himself. My favorite thing that he says is, "What's that about?". It's so cute. Speaking of cute, he loves to show me random things like blocks, puzzle pieces, etc. and say "Awww cuuttee!". He also loved to wear sunglasses, or any glasses actually and look at himself in the mirror and say, "too cute". I've given up trying to count how many words he says, however he has a book of 101 first words and he knows every single one (and it doesn't have most of the words that he says), so I'm guessing he knows around 200-300 words total. Our pedi was shocked when he said "sit Mama's lap, play phone" while we were in her office. She said that was a 3 year old phrase.

Although he does so much beyond his age, we are having a few issues. Namely, his bed and potty training. First of all his bed- he officially hates it. I have NEVER been one to put him in our bed, we would play in the bed but never lay down for bedtime in there. However, he wakes up like clockwork around 12:00 every night crying and saying Mama a million times. I put him in our bed the first few times and now it's an every night occurrence. I. Don't. Know. What. To Do. He usually falls asleep watching TV in the living room, so I'm thinking when he wakes up in a different place he is scared. I honestly don't know. I'm just trying to rationalize an almost 2 year old. So, we put a big bookcase with a TV and DVD player in his room and I am hoping that will help and he will want to stay in his bed. I think it's a little early to transition to toddler bed, and then I am dealing with the whole -stay in your bed- issue. I'm not ready for that!

Now to the potty issue. Okay so, he HAD a lot of interest in the potty, he even went 6 nights in a row using the potty before his bath, so I thought it was time to try to potty train. I set aside a few weeks to stay home and have some consistency. I bought all kinds of underwear, pull ups, a potty seat, all of it. We talked about how the underwear were different from diapers and big boys wore underwear. We talked about how if needed to use the potty he needed to tell me and not go in his underwear. The first day he did great. We only had two accidents and before his bath that night he used it before his bath. The next day he would have nothing to do with it. That morning I said, "let's go try to use the potty" and he said, "no". I kept asking if he wanted to go try and he kept saying no. UGH! So, I have no idea what to do about that either. I don't want to force him because he is still young, but I don't understand how we had a good first day and from then on he wants absolutely nothing to do with the potty. At. All. I'm at a loss. Therefore, we are holding off on potty training for a while, hopefully in the next few weeks he will show interest and we can make it his idea to use the potty. I just hope it's before I go back to work in August.

That's pretty much all we've been dealing with lately. He completely runs the show around here. It's undeniable. Monday we are getting his playhouse- which is an early birthday present. I'm so excited about it and can't wait to see his face when it's all put together. I opted to get it early so that we can play with it all summer and we'll have it for his birthday party. Speaking of birthday party, of course I am in full-on planning mode. I can't wait. But, I also can't believe he is about to be 2! WOW! It seems like a month ago I was planning his first birthday. :'( Anyways, that's what has been going on around here lately.

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  1. Don't fret about the potty training. I promise he will not start Kindergarten in diapers! He is a smart little boy. He will figure it out when the time comes!


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