Monday, September 2, 2013

Little River Getaway

Over Labor Day weekend we took a little trip about two hours away to Winthrop, Arkansas.... Where exactly is Winthrop you ask? I have no idea. It is the smallest little nothing town but within it lies the sweetest little community that you'd never know existed. We honestly had no idea what to expect- Butch's brothers planned the whole trip and we were just along for the ride. It turned out to be so much fun. We (Butch's parents, brothers & us) all stayed in a house/cabin thing on a golf course and a canal off of Little River. It was a gated community that sat on a golf course but was also in front of Little River, so our front yard was a golf course & the back yard was the river. It was the neatest thing ever. 

They had a pool, basketball court, tennis court, a park, tons of trails, concession stands, plus the golf course & private river. I have seriously never seen anything like it. It was only two hours away but it was so nice to escape for the weekend and relax. Beckham had a great time. He did so well on the ride to & from & was such a champ all weekend. We rode the golf cart until it was almost out of juice & Butch brought his ranger and we ran it out of gas. Literally. Riding anything is Beckham's ultimate fav. We went to the river every day, collected rocks, ate hotdogs from the hotdog stand, homemade ice cream, and cupcakes for Uncle Stevie's birthday. We played Yahtzee, Texas Hold'em & I learned a new game called Cadillac; we let Beckham run around naked & he peed on the kitchen floor (it was hilarious). We played a little golf, slid down the slide & climbed the rock wall at the park, we laughed and made tons of memories. Or as Butch said "more memories to add to the collection". 

I am so thankful I married into a family that is so easy to get along with. I don't know what I would do without my Mother-in-law, all of them really. We had such a good time, and although I was ready to get back to my comfy bed. It was hard to leave. 

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  1. This makes me very happy! It's an answer to a prayer I had for you your whole entire life!


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