Friday, August 23, 2013

high five for Friday

To say my life is moving at warp speed would completely be an understatement. I can not believe two weeks of school have already flown by. I knew it would be like this, but I still managed to be completely unprepared. I hatttteeeeee only seeing Beckham for a few hours in the evenings. Some days he is ready for a nap as soon as I get him, so our time is cut even shorter. It's such a double edged sword. I pick him up and I have 7524940 things to do when I get home but all I want to do is play with him! He is growing and changing so much and it seriously kills my soul. I really shouldn't complain because Butch has to go three weeks without seeing him, but when he comes home, he can see him all day for three weeks straight.

Anyways- here's my top five for this week.
1. Wednesday Beckham and I went walking with some friends. We did 3.5 miles, and it felt so good. Well, kind of, I got a massive blister on my foot; but, it felt good to get back walking even if it was a little bit. I also feel that getting back in the routine of school is a work out. I really want to get a pedometer and see how many steps I take in a day because I literally never sit down. I am walking all day long- and my feet tell me they hate me when I get home.
2. Beckham is becoming so vocal; and not only does he say a lot of words, but he can pretty much tell you anything he wants. He says "side" for outside, cookie, drink, bite, "ball ball" for cheese ball (little cheese puff things), puppy, baby, yes, no and soooo much more!
3. Work is going so well! I seriously LOVE my job.
4. Sunday we are going to our first Birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. I have been dying to see how Beckham will react at a place like that and I seriously can not wait!
5. My sweet hubby comes home Friday! I am so ready!! Although the time has gone by faster because we are much busier, it still has felt like I haven't seen him in forever! I wish I could pick him up from the airport but he doesn't want me to have to take off work, so his brother is getting him. :( At least I know he'll be there when I get home!

Here's the cutie:
bottom lower pic- OMG he was playing in the water and took his diaper off. it was hilarious!

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  1. Since when my school has started , I am quite so out of track . This busy life is buzzing .
    OMG the diaper shot , little Beckham is growing so cute :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. Love this blog! Yes life is going by in a flash!!! Yaya misses her babies!


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