Thursday, September 19, 2013

Have we noticed a pattern here?

Seriously? I have totally sucked at blogging lately, but honestly my life has been so crazy busy I've just been enjoying the ride. I absolutely love when my hubby is home from work & all I want to do is spend time with my family! So shoot me, I've been living. 

Honestly school has been going by so fast I feel like I blinked & we were already sending out progress reports! I love my job so much and feel so incredibly blessed to be in the position I am in. I truly have my dream job. No- being able to take Beckham with me would really be the dream but then I'd get no teaching done and that wouldn't be good for anyone. 

We are currently in a complete drought. Like everything around us is as dry as the dessert. All parishes within like a 2 hour range are under a burn ban because everything is so hot & dry. As I write this it is raining. They've predicted 2-5 inches which means everything will flood because the ground is so hard right now. I don't think I've heard the rain in months. It's so peaceful and calming so I thought I'd share that randomness....

Anyways- life lately..... Well Beckham is doing great- last I wrote we were having some allergy issues but all of that has pretty much cleared up. I think allergies for him will be a lifelong battle. Both Butch & I have the horribly & I'm pretty sure it's going to be the same for him. Poor kills my soul but, Louisiana heat + no rain = dust, pollen, you name it. 

Beckham is seriously talking up a storm. He says (all the words I mentioned before) thank you, tea, cookie, drink, and his new favorite.....drum roll please...... PONE yes, like phone, but just pone (like bone). It is hilarious & I knew it wouldn't be long before he said either phone or remote since those are his all time favorite things, but PONE won! Haha

Even though it's still 95-100 degrees everyday I am having a lot of fun decorating for Fall, thinking about Fall, planning outfits & things to do in Fall. I think I'm just ready for it to cool off, but Fall/Winter has always been my favorite time of year. So many great memories come with Fall and with Beckham getting older I know the season will just get better. 

I do plan on doing a Summer To Do List update since it is officially over, but it still feels like Summer around here so I just can't get in the mood to call it over yet. I'll also get some pics together to show y'all my fall decor. It's not much but I think it's pretty cute & I'm adding a little every day. 

So, blogger says my last post was 16 days ago, sorry! But here's a photo recap of the past 16 days! :)
Swimming sesh
Home with Daddy while Mama works = no clothes all day
iPad? Check. Cell phone? Check.
2nd haircut!
Uncle B got a new puppy aka Puppa
Chit chattin' at a bday party
Eatin a sucker
Being silly

Xoxo, Katie


  1. Oh glad you're doing fine Katie . I can't imagine not raining for so long , I can't bear it :(
    Love to see Beckham in action . Hahaha lucky kid , he's got an iPad to check on .

  2. Yep, life speeds up after you have children! You will blink and your baby will be 23! :'(


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