Monday, December 8, 2014

Chuck E Cheese again... and our tree!

Chuck E Cheese is quickly becoming Beckham's favorite place in the world. He has only been a handful of times but he talks about it all the time. After our Chuck E Cheese trip with Dad, Monica and Marc he was dying to go back, talking about "riding the big red dog" aka Clifford. So, Yaya came in for the weekend and we both had some errands to run in Bossier, and decided to have lunch and some play time at Chuck E Cheese....on a Saturday. It was brave, no doubt; but, it turned out fine. It was crazy busy with about 7 birthday parties happening but it was still a ton of fun. Beckham was so exhausted afterwards and we still had a few stops to make, but it ended up working out.

Over Thanksgiving break we met up with my Dad, whom Beckham calls Pepaw and had lunch and got our Christmas tree! We actually got a real tree this year which I LOVE, but it's a lot of work. I love that my Dad is really trying to be involved in Beckham's life. He usually comes over every other week or so and then he'll randomly text or call for us to go eat with him or come to his house. It's really sweet and I am very thankful for him in our lives. This is the big wheel that Pepaw got last Christmas for Beckham. He was too small for it then, but he's the perfect size now. He hasn't really mastered the whole pedaling thing yet but I'm sure it won't take him long to get it figured out.

Beckham also has a crazy obsession with TC, Pepaw's dog. I think he loved her as much as he loves Dad. haha She is seriously the sweetest dog ever. She lets him hug her, kiss her, attempt to pick her up...etc. She doesn't care one bit and Beckham loves her so much.

I will post pictures of our tree later, but it is massive. Like, too big for our living room. I didn't realize it was as large and in charge as it is, but it is really pretty. I made the joke that everyone was getting gift cards this year, because we literally don't have room for presents. I guess we'll have to make it work because we are somewhat stuck with it until after Christmas.

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