Friday, December 5, 2014

August, September, October, oh my!

Where oh where has the time gone? I'm not even going to try to recap the past five months. I guess I'm just going to pick up at an event in our lives and go from there. So, here it goes.


A few weeks before Halloween I took a day off to take Beckham to the doctor to get our flu shots. Yes, I get my shot at the pediatricians office..ha! It's just easier. Anyways, I took the day off and we got to the doctor around 10:00. Then, we went to Spirit costume store because I really wanted Beckham to pick out his own costume this year. The weather was a little rainy but nothing too bad. However, while we were shopping in Spirit, the lights went out. It was a little scary at first because there was a lot of very scary Halloween decorations and the whole thing was a bit eerie. I was afraid Beckham would be scared, but of course he wasn't. He was actually touching the fake amputated arms and legs saying, "they got bobos." lol The lights eventually came back on and he ended up picking out a Jake costume from Jake and the Neverland Pirates show on Disney Junior. I did not help him at all. He did it completely on his own, which I was very proud of. We later found out that his cousin Jake was also being Jake for Halloween. Ohh well...both looked stinking precious!

After Spirit, we met my Dad, Monica and my brother, Marc at Chuck E. Cheese. We were thinking that since it was a weekday it wouldn't be really busy, but it was surprisingly packed. A few times, we even said "I can't believe there are this many kids that are home-schooled." Ha, little did we know that most schools in Caddo and Bossier Parish had also lost electricity around the same time that Spirit did and they ended up letting kids go home. Of course, the day I take off, they end up letting school out early.

Okay so long story short. Beckham ended up taking a late nap the actual day of Halloween so we didn't even get to go trick or treating. He woke up around 7:00 and Butch had built a fire in the backyard. He said "I woke up just in time to cook my wienie roast." :D Thank goodness we went to Trunk or Treat at Maymay's church the day before because otherwise, he wouldn't have even worn his costume at all. He had such a blast playing all the games and being with the other kids. Here are a few photos from the fun!

Jake wasn't having a good night.

with Haley and Peyton the monkey at Trunk of Treat

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