Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Written Sunday, April 20th
This weekend has been so fun! With the exception of Butch being out of town working, it has been perfect. We have really missed him because now that he is working at home (most of the time) we've really gotten used to him being home- so it really sucks when he has to leave us. He especially hates it during any holiday. Beckham is growing up and becoming so independent, the holidays are becoming more and more fun!

On Good Friday we went to an EGGstravaganza at Beckham's BFF, Jake's house. It was so fun! We had a little lunch, dyed Easter eggs with Koolaid and then the kids hunted for eggs. They all had a blast. Even though Beckham is an only child, and the first grandchild on both sides of the family, he still plays really well with others, which I am so thankful for!

Saturday morning, Yaya, my Mom, came to spend the holiday weekend with us. She is off tomorrow (Monday) and I have to work so she is keeping Beckham. She also wanted to come hang out with us and participate in the Easter festivities. She actually pulled up as Beckham and I were working in the flower beds. I am trying to improve my grey thumb, but that's another post in itself! Saturday afternoon, we all went down to Grami's to dye Easter eggs and just visit. We ended up letting Beckham do the Koolaid eggs and shaving cream eggs (again this year link from last year). Like I said, he is so independent so naturally he wanted to do it all by himself; which consisted of him sitting on the picnic table and literally throwing eggs into the cups. It was hilarious and we all ended up pretty orange/red tinted, but the memories made are priceless! I had already planned to make a little chick footprint for Easter to give to Grami and Yaya but I didn't have a chance before so we ended up making them together Saturday night. They turned out so cute! Saturday was jam packed with fun Easter festivities. I am blessed in so many ways. 1) Beckham...of course, but 2) my Mom and Mother-in-Law get along so well! I mean I have a great mother-in-law but I am glad we can make these memories together with Beckham.

Saturday night was not the best for sleep. Beckham woke up around 1:00am crying and screaming about a big cat. It was weird. I am guessing he has a nightmare. So, I put him in the bed with my Mom and I. Unfortunately, my Mom snores like a grizzly bear so Beckham kept waking up. He finally said, "Yaya snore.....loud!". So, we got on the couch. We both pretty much tossed and turned most of the night and got littler sleep, so he did sleep in a little Sunday morning. Once he woke up and saw that the Easter bunny had left him a basket and hid eggs in the yard he was wide awake. We went through his basket and scoured the yard for eggs, which was so fun because he was really hunting for them!

Then, we all got dressed to go eat lunch at Grami's house. Beckham is such a spoiled good boy that the Easter bunny came to Grami's house too! So, again with the egg hunt. I'm guessing that since this was his third time hunting eggs he was a little over it, plus it felt like 100 degrees outside so we didn't stay out long. After a wonderful lunch, Mom and Beckham took a nap and I finished The Maze Runner (which was so good but had such a cliffhanger...ughh). We spent most of today just eating, and playing with Beckham. It was, with the exception of Butch being gone, a perfect weekend. If only I was off tomorrow it would be realllllly perfect! :D

With all of the superficial Easter festivities of the weekend I still have to reflect on the real reason for the season. He is risen! I am so thankful to believe in a God that loves me more than I deserve, who has plans for me better than I can dream, and sent his son as a sacrifice so I could live. I am so blessed beyond my wildest imagination! I thank God everyday for this beautiful life.

Easter 2013 post.

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