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eighteen month favorites

compare to one year favorites. all images below from google.

written January 16, 2014
I can't believe Beckham is 18 months today. I know I've said it a million times but he is seriously growing up so fast!! I loved my post on his one year favorites and honestly couldn't wait to post one for eighteen months. It's so funny to see how his favorite things have changed...however, one this in particular stayed the same. He is such a smart little toot. I counted all of the words he can say and identify and was well over 100 when I just stopped. If I show him a flashcard on the iPad (or he flips through them himself) after one time hearing the word and seeing the picture, he can say the word and point to it if he sees it in real life. I am just beyond amazed at all that he does on a daily basis. So, anyways enough of me going on and on about how smart, cute, amazing Beckham are his favorites.

iPhone- first of all this is his all time favorite thing in the whole entire world. He loves all phones in general, but he really knows how to work the iPhone so it is his top choice. I can't remember if I mentioned this or not, but over the Christmas holiday he actually put my iPhone in the toilet. Yes, good times. I dried it in rice for two days and although it is technically working, it is definitely not up to par, so I ordered a new one yesterday that should be here tomorrow. Hallelujah because I seriously want to throw it back in the toilet about five times a day.

iPad- this has to be a close second to the iPhone. Since turning 1 year old he has really started to love the iPad. It is so amazing to see him turn it on, go to the game/app he wants and pretty much navigate around all on his own. He recently started loving to see the baby, which is where he goes to the photos and either watches videos of himself or looks at his own picture. It's hilarious! He also gets really pissed if it's about to die and I have to plug it in. He really does not love the cord.

Mickey Mouse car- Butch and I got him this car for his birthday but he never really LOVED it; grated when he first saw it he freaked out but he didn't really have the coordination to ride it at the time. However, in the six months since he has most than mastered the art. Our house is not very big but he will ride that thing from one end to the other, and he goes fast!! And he can get it completely turned around and cut corners to get anywhere he wants to go. The seat also lifts up and he loves to stash away things for us to find later.

Jake and The Neverland Pirates bubble bath- while shopping in WalMart a few months ago he spotted Jake on the side of this bottle and had to have it. I was a little nervous about it simply because it wasn't Johnson's brand. Why? I don't know because he has never had sensitive skin. I did read on the side that it was fragrance free and hypoallergenic, but anyways it didn't break him out at all and he loves it. As soon as I get the water for the bath running he starts yelling "Jake" and "bubbles". He is definitely vocal and quick to tell me exactly what he wants.

Spiderman toothbrush- since he got his first tooth I have tried to get in the habit of brushing his teeth every night and as he's seen Butch and I brush our teeth, he likes to do it himself. He got this toothbrush for Christmas from my grandparents on my Dad's side (it's kind of their thing to give a toothbrush every year). It's not so much the Spiderman toothbrush that he loves, just more of any toothbrush in general. He will, however tell me which tooth brush is mine, which is "Diddy's" and which is "baby's", then he says "teeth" when he wants the toothbrush and "paste" when he needs more toothpaste. Genius.

fuzzy blankets- I bought this super fuzzy white blanket at Target last black Friday (2012) and basically had it laying on the end of our bed forever and then Beckham became obsessed with it. He now loves all blankets and calls them "beans". His favorite blankets are thick fuzzy ones. I was afraid of letting him sleep with it at first because he gets so hot when he sleeps but he insists on sleeping with it and so far it's worked out really good. We have actually noticed that he sleeps better when he has a big blanket. Add that to the fact that when he lays down he says "milk", "night night", and then "bean".

Mickey Mouse couch- Butch and I also bought this for his 1st birthday and he has really loved it all along, I probably should have included it on the 1 year favorites. Anyways, it's still a favorite. He loves to sit on it like a couch and pull it out and lay flat. However, his favorite thing is to sit it up like a couch and run and flip over the back of the couch part and land on his stomach. The first time he did it I think it was more of an accident. He was running away from me while I was trying to tickle him, and he's been obsessed with doing that ever since. It's so funny to see.

Thomas the train- Beckham got a lot of Thomas the train stuff for Christmas but he really loves to push the train cars around the track. He loves trains in general though. He has never been afraid of them, even if we are very close and they are very loud. He just loves them. He says "choo choo" and tries to see it out the window.

football- typical boy... He loves throwing and 'catching' the football. I say 'catching' but really it usually hits him and he runs to pick it up. He is learning to throw it really well and even says "fumble" when he drops it. His Uncle B has also been teaching him to say "ready, set, hut, hut". B usually says the ready, set part and Beckham says hut, hut. It's really cute. He can identify pretty much spot a ball from a mile away, even on TV. If he sees baseball, basketball, or football on TV he says ball and is usually glued to the TV.

So, those have to be some of his top favorite things to play with. He is still (and probably will always be) obsessed with playing outside and riding the four wheeler. We've had a few really pretty days lately and it's impossible to keep him inside. I've heard stories of Butch being like that and I know he has to get it from him because I am what you could call indoorsy... :)

We have our eighteen month check up next week. Hopefully no shots, I can't remember if the nurse said he will have vaccines or not. I'll probably give some Tylenol just to be safe. He's cutting jaw teeth like crazy anyways, so it can't hurt. Speaking of that.....teething sucks! We've never had as much trouble as we have lately. I'm talking fever, upset stomach, won't eat, complete grouch...yeah, we've had some rough teething days. I want to say I'm ready for them to come in, but that's not true. I miss my snuggly tiny baby. He is growing up too fast!!

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