Saturday, December 21, 2013

I passed..........

First I have to say I passed the GRE yesterday and am OFFICIALLY a graduate student...whoop whoop!! I am registered for my first class and just purchased the required book! After the test I was thinking, "I'm glad that's over", but honestly it is just the beginning. But, I am excited, motivated and ready to get it going. However, I plan to thoroughly enjoy the next two weeks off from work before work and then graduate school starts. I brought home four books that I hope to read before I start grad school. Three of which are Harry Potter- don't judge me. I am amazed that I haven't read the Harry Potter series yet, granted the whole magic/wizardry theme is not really up my alley, but I have recently become more into sci fi so I'm thinking I will like them. I bought the entire set for me my classroom at my school's book fair this year.  A friend of mine is currently obsessed, so I've got to at least see what all of the fuss is about.

Anyways, we've been having a ball around here lately. I finally got all of Butch's Christmas ready for him to come home. I am so excited about it I could scream!! I can't wait for Christmas Eve, he will be home and I can finally give him all of the goodies I have been stressing over lately. I'll share everything later but just in case he's reading this- I can't give it away!!

I am planning on getting some stuff to make Christmas candy/cookies tomorrow or Monday. I will post on how all of that goes later; because, with my little helper, there is honestly no telling.

Cue photos:

early Christmas from family in Baton Rouge

I told him if he sat there and smiled then I'd give him my keys, promise kept.

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