Saturday, December 14, 2013

December happenings

December has been so much fun so far! Here's a bunch of random things we've been doing. Beckham had late fall/Christmas pictures that turned out so stinkin cute! I've got a picture of a picture of our Christmas card, I'll have to scan some others to post here. I absolutely love them!! He is such a little baby model. Our tree is decorated, we have the cutest Santa Mickey in the front yard (didn't get any actual lights on our house this year since Butch had to leave for work). I have some cute Christmas decor around the house and back porch; I had a poinsettia for about 4 days but somehow I managed to kill it. I swear I can not keep any kind of plant alive-it drives me insane! I have been wrapping presents like crazy and our tree is seriously overflowing and I'm not even done yet! I mean, I'm about 90% done but not completely. We are having Santa pictures taken tomorrow, which I'm hoping goes well. He's around so many men with beards it should be fine. We will see. We attempted to see the Christmas train a last weekend but he was a little sick (just snotty with a cough) and when we got there the line was around the parking lot so we knew it would be a while before we got on the train so we decided to skip it this year and try next year. :( Beckham's friend, Jake turned one on the 6th so we went to his Saints theme Birthday party. Beckham was so cute and sweet to the other kids. He shared so well and we had a great time. Unfortunately, we had to take Butch to the airport that same day because he had to go back to work. But, he will be home in time for Christmas....or that's the plan! Hopefully there isn't any delays or bad weather!

Here's a photo dump.

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  1. SO MANY PRESENTS !! Wooohoo , hope you guys have awesome holidays :)


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