Saturday, January 12, 2013

January 2013

So, we all survived December 21st obviously! :)

I'm trying to get caught up with this blog but forgive me for the lack of pictures....thank you Blogger. I'll try to update them if it starts to let me post photos.

Beckham's New Year was so fun! We ate black eyed peas and cabbage of course! He didn't. lol I ate enough for him..haha!

Butch was home for the 1st and we popped fireworks with Uncle B, watched the countdown and just had a chill night.

Back to school this past Monday after a fabulous two week break and hubby left back for Alaska last Wednesday :( I'm sure it will be a quick hitch since Beckham is CRAWLING!! OMG! YES! 8 days shy of turning 6 months old and my brilliant baby boy started crawling! We knew it was coming because he was getting so close. He was seriously doing head stands. Then, one day it just happened. And he has not stopped since. He is officially mobile and into everything! Tonight we were at Grami's house and he crawled up onto her fireplace mantle, and was pulling and letting go of the fireplace broom making it hit the post it was sitting on....all in about 3 seconds of looking away. This kid is crazy! It's like he knows what he's NOT supposed to get into, so naturally, that's all he wants to get into!! Typical. I'm sure. He is actually trying to climb and pull up onto things already too. It won't be long before he figures out how to walk. He is just so determined!

Also today we started stage 2 baby food! He's been loving all of the single fruits and veggies and we've been mixing them a little, as well as adding cereal sometimes. But, today he had chicken noodle and LOVED it! Such a big boy!

Anyways, Beckham's 6 month Dr. visit is next Thursday and I'm eager to see how much he weighs now. I know he's gained at least 3 or 4 lbs. But he's so active he only gained 1 lb from 3-4 months and we didn't have to go at 5 months so I'm anxious to see how much he has grown.

I don't usually do resolutions, but I figured, now that we have Beckham I needed to try to do something (especially lose this weight)!!

My New Year's Resolutions are:
1) No more regular 12 going strong
2) (starting today) Update this blog at least twice a month!
3) Lose the baby weight by Beckham's 1st Birthday

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