Sunday, November 4, 2012

Recap of October

So.... October was an incredible month!! I previously wrote I would be starting October 12th... but I ended up starting October 1st! So far it has truly been a dream! I love it so much!! I actually can't wait to get up and go to work everyday! It has been so fun getting my room decorated and all of my stuff organized. Apart from having to leave my baby boy, this job has really been amazing. Although I HATE leaving him in the mornings, I know I am so lucky to have great family to keep him everyday! Thank God I don't have to deal with Daycare! The best part is when my Mother-in-law keeps him I usually just stay at her house so I never have to wake Beckham up in the mornings. It is GREAT!

I have been quite busy (which explains the lack of posts lately) and to be honest- the month of October literally FLEW by. So here's a recap and photo dump...if you will.

Started new (awesome) job! 8th grade English Teacher!
Daddy went back to work in :(
3 month Doctor check up! Baby boy weighed 13 lbs 6 oz!
Beckham had Halloween pics! So cute! Can't wait until they come in!
Visited YaYa and Grumpy for the weekend
Beckham's first Halloween! Naturally we had a wardrobe change, he was a tiger and Superman!
I was Minnie Mouse at school and my class' pumpkins won the Carving Contest! Yep...only there for a month and they love me!

Big SMILE chunky monkey!

 3 month Dr. visit

Halloween pics!



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