Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Potty training

I mentioned in my last post that I was starting to potty train Beckham and I wanted to just update on how it's going. So, Monday we started as soon as Beckham woke up with having him try to use the potty. Days before we talked about the potty and how big boys use the potty...all of that. So, he was definitely used to the idea, but prior attempts showed that he really wasn't ready. Although, this was really the best/only time for me to be home consistently and I knew it was now or the Summer, and I really wanted to have him trained before his 3rd birthday. OMG my baby is about to be three....please excuse me while I cry myself to sleep. :(

Anyways, Monday we attempted to try the naked three that I mentioned in my previous post. As soon as Beckham woke up, I said okay let's go use the potty and he DID! Without hesitation, he just used the potty. I guess I need to note that I bought a new potty Sunday night. We had the small seat that goes on top of the actual toilet but he couldn't get on it himself, and I thought that was part of the problem the first time. He is VERY independent and I thought he might like an actual potty more his size. So, back to Monday- after he used the potty we praised him, jumped up and down, sand the potty song, did high fives, you name it! I made it a HUGE deal that he used the potty. He was so excited and proud of himself. He also got to choose a prize from this jar I made of M&Ms, jelly beans, and gummy bears. I told him no more diapers and that diapers were for babies and he was my big boy. I was going to try the naked three but that literally lasted all of one minute after he pottied. He literally said, "Okay now put me a new diaper on." So, I said again that we didn't have anymore diapers and he wasn't going to wear diapers anymore. He said he wanted big boy underwear so I got some from his room and put them on him. I downloaded the Pull-Up potty app hoping the reminder would help me stay on track and remember to remind him. However, I didn't need it. It was all I could think about. All. Day. Long. I probably asked him 100 times Monday if he needed to use the potty. We talked about how we need to 'try' even if we don't think we need to do. We also talked about how drinking juice, tea, etc. would make him teetee and he needed to remember to tell me when he needed to go. I'm so lucky he communicates as well as he does, and really comprehends what I'm saying.

So, Monday he had ONE accident all day long. LITERALLY- ONE!!!!! AHHHH!! I was freaking out. I was/am so proud of him. A couple of times he has minor accidents where he went a little but then realized he needed to go to the potty...which I don't count as accidents. I was really expecting the absolute worse with potty training. I mean, he is so opinionated and stubborn that I just knew he would shut me down at the first talk of using the potty, but he didn't! Monday was pretty stressful for me for a couple of reasons... 1. I had to constantly watch Beckham's every move and ask him 3537289202 times if he needed to use the potty and 2. We were stuck in the house. We are both pretty busy-bodies and it was a pretty day, but I just couldn't risk going outside and losing track of time and then him having an accident. Monday we literally stayed inside and I really think that was the hardest part.

Tuesday- Okay, so day two of potty training wasn't that bad at all. Beckham had one accident which he caught in the middle of having an accident, then he threw a bit of a fit because I wanted him to finish on the potty, but it was like because he started in his underwear he needed to finish in his underwear- and he would no cooperate with me and finish on the potty. So, he got a spanking. Not for having an accident, but because he was throwing a fit and not listening to me. He got really upset, which I think was in part because he had an accident and part from the potty. It was a meltdown actually and I really thought it was going to throw off all of the progress we had made with training, but after a few minutes he chilled out and actually used the potty (finished what he started with the accident). The rest of the day was great, no more accidents.

Wednesday- So, today we started off the same way- woke up and when straight to the potty. He's wearing pull-ups at night because I honestly don't even know where to begin with the night situation. I need to research it. Anyways, all day today was GREAT! We were outside most of the day cleaning up the yard and moving all of his outside toys to the new house. He had one accident around midday and it was partly my fault. He had just had breakfast and we went straight outside and I didn't think to have him try to use the potty. Anyways we got outside and he said he needed to go, but then he just started going. He did finish in the potty, which I count as a success, but still I was hoping for a no accident day! But, really I can't complain he's had one a day which is FABULOUS if you ask me. Like I said, I was really expecting the worst, which I guess is good because I am so pleasantly surprised!

Fingers crossed that tomorrow if our first day without any accidents! I still just can't believe my baby is basically potty trained...or that he is about to be three...or that it's even time to think about potty training. Ugh! I feel like if I blink he will be in high school. :(

running around in his undies


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