Friday, February 8, 2013


I'm trying hard to update this...per, my New Years resolution so here's a little of what's been going on around our house...

Daddy came home from work Feb 1st... I LOVE when he's home. Words can't explain how much I miss him when he's gone. I'm sure more than he knows and I've been thinking lately I should really try to express these feelings to him more often. We celebrated (kind of) our first Anniversary!! I say kind of because Butch was working in Alaska but either way, we made it a year!! And my sweet Mother-in-law got a card for us from Beckham. I didn't find it until the next day but it was so thoughtful of her. This year has FLOWN by! I guess because we have Beckham and all but I love our little family so much and can't wait to see what the future holds for us!

School has been great I love my job sooooo much!! I am so blessed in so many ways and I should also try to acknowledge them more often. My students are awesome, with the occasional crazy every now and then, but hey, it is eighth grade. So it's normal to have some crazies. :) I love them anyways!

We are kind of on the look out for our 'forever home' as I call it. Whether it be some land to build, or something we find along the way. I'm not real sure; I just know I am ready to get in our house we plan to be in forever. We have a prospect but it's too early to even talk about...but I shall update asap because I'm super excited about it!

Beckham.... oh my sweet Beckham. He is a handful and a half but in a total good way. He is seriously the best baby/7 month old in the world. (WOW! 7 MONTHS OLD!!!) And I know people always say they have the best babies in the world but, let me just brag for a bit. He sleeps ALL night long. It doesn't matter if he goes to bed at 8, 9 or 10. He will sleep a good 10-12 hours every single night. All we have to do is put him in his bed, start the mobile and bam! he's out for the night!! He LOVES taking a bath, putting clothes on....not so much! But nonetheless, he is perfect! He is crawling everywhere imaginable, and quickly. He is pulling up on anything and everything he can get his tiny little hands on, including the coffee table, couch, dish washer, stove, tv, wall....etc. He also loves to scratch  or pet things right now including the wall, carpet etc. I'm guessing he likes to feel the different textures. He still loves Micky Mouse Clubhouse. If he hears Micky talking, his eyes are peeled at the TV and glued until the show is over. It's funny! We are still feeding him stage 2 baby food twice a day and right now he likes vegetables better than fruit. I try to do fruit in the mornings and vegetables at lunch but he usually doesn't like the fruit and will eat an entire jaw of vegetables at lunch, in between bottles all day too. My sweet little boy, who will not be so little very soon, is seriously the light of my life. I honestly don't even know what I did before him. Sometimes I just sit and watch him play. I can see his mind figuring things out, like how to crawl completely over the nap nanny to get to whatever is on the other side that he wants. I see his eyes light up when he looks at Butch and I; and the way he laughs out at the most random times, I SO wish I could see what he was thinking. Anyways, I bragged more than a bit. But, he is just that special and perfect. He is the happiest, sweetest baby I have ever been around, and not just because he is mine, although I'm sure that has a little something to do with it.

This past week was Butch's first time watching Beckham all day and he did great!! I wrote out a full sheet of paper of his exact schedule; not that I thought he couldn't handle it but I just wanted to leave a reference sheet if Butch needed it. He said they had the best time and I am so happy Butch has found the confidence to keep him because I know Beckham loves spending time with his Daddy!

All in all, I have a pretty great life and I don't say how thankful I am near enough. Maybe that should have been one of my New Year's resolutions. Or maybe I'll just start today and try my best to let everyone in my life know just how special they are to me. I don't have any room to complain, because my life is filled with blessings and it's all because of Beckham.

 naked all day with Daddy!

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